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January Wardrobe Refresh

Post-holiday sales are an excellent time to update your work wardrobe. Adding a few new pieces can boost your confidence. That can make all the difference whether you’re wearing it to an interview, big meeting, or networking event. Here’s some tips to make the most of the sales:

1 Clean house. Take a look at your closet. What don’t you wear? Clear out some space by donating the items that no longer fit or you don’t enjoy wearing. Intentions aren’t helpful. Be realistic about what’s practical for your lifestyle and preferences.

2 Take stock. What pieces do you wear the most? Consider items you should purchase more of and what pieces could complement your favorites. Do you need more slacks? Do you lack sufficient blazers?

3 Cover your basics. January sales are ideal for replacing wardrobe essentials. Look discerningly at shirts and shoes. Which ones need to be replaced immediately or in the near future?

4 Add a statement. Consider purchasing a statement piece each shopping trip. Whether a chic pocket square, bold broach, or smart scarf, add something that will communicate your style.

The old adage of dressing for the job you want is a good one to remember. Dressing up a notch can communicate your professionalism and ambition.