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What Not to Do to Employees at the Holidays: Safeguard Their Time Off with These Tips

Holidays are a hectic time. As a supervisor, it can be frustrating to see productivity slow, but it is important to realize that the holidays play an important role in office morale and employee well-being. While work may lag in the short-term, taking care of your employees is good for your bottom line. Here are four common errors to avoid:

  1. Don’t assume everyone is on the same page. Communicate time-off policies. Do time-off requests need to be filed in advance? Does PTO roll over to the next calendar year? Be proactive by sending a memo outlining policies and letting them know where to direct questions. Keep the tone positive, not scolding.

  2. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for something. Between more time out of the office and in-office distractions like holiday parties and treats in the breakroom, things may take a little longer to get done. Don’t wait until December 28th to ask for a report you need by the end of the year. Look ahead to the month and communicate key deadlines with staff so everyone can plan ahead.

  3. Don’t presume a holiday. The diversity of your team is a strength. Don’t assume that an employee is celebrating the same holiday or the same way you do. Focus on family and ask genuine open-ended questions about how they will be gathering and recharging with family.

  4. Don’t take for granted the work employees put in. If an emergency does arise and an employee has to work remotely or come in on a holiday, acknowledge that they sacrificed plans with family. Once the holiday break is over, write them a note and consider a small gift, such as a gift-certificate so they can take their family out for dinner to make up for the time lost.

In the midst of the holiday bustle, make time to appreciate and enjoy your staff. How will you be celebrating your employees? Join us on social media to share.