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Company Culture: Finding a Fit

When applying for jobs it’s easy to focus on the stats of a job—required experience, salary, benefits—and miss a key aspect: company culture. Each organization has its own values, strategies, and temperament that will set the tone of what it’s like to work there, day in and day out. When applying for a job, how can you suss out if it’s a good fit?

  1. What are their values? Compare your values to theirs: the more overlap the better. It’s unlikely that you will find an organization that’s exactly like you, but the more things that you care about that they aim for, the better. Be attuned, also, to things they value that are negatives for you.

  2. What size organization is it? Do you like to be part of a large company with lots of resources or a small outfit where you can have a larger role in the growth? The answer to this question may change throughout your career.

  3. Where are they going? Are you headed in the same direction? Through your research and interview you can get a sense if your goals for growth align. Whether you intend to be with this organization for decades to come or they are just a brief stop on your journey, you want to ensure the trajectory fits with your long-term goals.