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Is Your Job Posting Limiting Qualified Applicants?

When there is a vacancy in your organization, time is of the essence to fill it. However, don’t allow urgency to trump quality. Recruiting top talent begins with top talent. You can’t dust off the old postings and processes and expect to reel in big fish. Give the same care and attention to a job posting as you expect respondents to give to their cover letter and résumé. An effective job posting should include:

Job description. Ask how the position has changed since it was last filled. What additional duties should it include? What is no longer applicable?

Required experience. This may be different with each new search. If your organization is preparing for a shift or needs fresh perspective, the experience you require will likely change. Include preferred experience and clearly differentiate between the two.

Application process. Give specific directions for what materials should be submitted, when they are due, and what the procedure is. Should they email a cover letter, résumé, and references? Are they required to upload it to a specific site?

Staff review. Ask several people within your organization who are familiar with the position to review the posting before it goes live.

While filling a vacancy can seem like an unwelcome interruption, it is also a chance for your team to grow in dynamic ways. Embrace the opportunity and bring fresh energy to the hiring process. For executive searches, it is valuable to turn to experts with demonstrated experience and established networks. Email Hyatt-Fennell to begin your executive search.