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Self Sabotage: The Easiest Way to Mess Up a Job Application

Job applications are not the place for innovation. Natalie Lundsteen gives direct and valuable advice about job applications: always read (and follow!) the directions. The advice is as basic as it is neglected. Candidates often remove themselves from the running by not following simple procedures. Lundsteen notes:

“Hiring managers and recruiters will freely admit that, with huge numbers of applicants, it is not difficult to be ruthless during the initial applicant review. They are looking to discard as many candidates as possible to be able to get to a manageable number of good applicants. They can drop a candidate into the no pile for a number of reasons, including that he or she:

  • doesn’t have (or didn’t list) the required experience;

  • didn’t list a salary requirement;

  • didn’t attach all requested documents;

  • didn’t attach any documents;

  • sent a CV instead of the requested résumé; and/or

  • sent a résumé and did not fill out the (tedious résumé-replicating) online form.”

Always read the instructions before compiling an application, before sending it, and after applying. Read the rest of Lundsteens article here.