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Your Elevator Pitch: When Seconds Count, What Do You Say?

Last month we discussed the elements of an effective executive bio. Attention spans are short, and you only have a limited amount of time to hook people in and establish your credibility. Your bio has many more applications than your resume and functions as a personal elevator pitch. From websites, to speaking engagements, to your LinkedIn profile, you can get a lot of traction out of a well-crafted executive bio. Once you’ve written your bio, here are three ways to get the most use of out it:

  1. Commit it to memory. Practice your bio until you know it by heart. The last thing you want is to trip over your words or have to focus too much on what you are saying. There is no substitute for practice.

  2. Keep it fresh. While you should have your bio down pat, that doesn’t mean it should sound rote. The point of knowing your content backwards and forwards is so that you can engage in the interaction.

  3. Know the where to customize. Don’t think of your bio as a static unit, but as constituent parts that you can trade and nuance as needed. Are you talking to an academic recruiter? Emphasize your achievements. Are you speaking to an interdisciplinary conference? Highlight your transferable skills.