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From Graduated to Hired: How to Secure a Position with a Ph.D.

Obtaining a Ph.D. marks the end of an arduous process. Securing a position with your newly earned credentials is a whole new challenge. How can you most effectively secure a position in academia or the business world?

  1. Research the market. Your first step as you consider your next job is to survey the field. Read articles in trade publications. Look at what types of positions are being advertised at the types of organizations where you’d like to work. Ask colleagues about their perspectives and experiences.

  2. Understand your edge. With a clear picture of the job market, spend some time articulating what sets you apart. What is your competitive advantage? Develop an elevator pitch and make sure your resume highlights your competitive edge.

  3. Consider culture. Kelly Services reports that “89% of hiring failures are due to a poor culture fit.” Focus your search on companies and organizations that share your values and direction.

  4. Make it personal. Some companies now rely on referrals for nearly half of hires. This underscores the reality that networking is the life-blood of any job search. Reach out to associates and colleagues and let them know the types of positions you are looking for, always bearing in mind the importance of reciprocity to successful networking.