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Inviting Innovation: Hiring Outside Your Industry

When hiring a new leader for your organization, it’s natural to look within your industry and not think twice about it. However, there can be great value to hiring someone from outside your industry. Consider what industries have similar traits to yours and can provide a good base of understanding. When reviewing experience look at skills, not just positions. Here are three benefits to breaking out of the industry rut:

  1. They won’t assume the future will be like the past. Experience sometimes renders people immune to innovation. When tried and true methods are not to be questioned, leaders can be blindsided by marketplace changes.

  2. They won’t mimic all the other industry leaders. A status quo quickly emerges in an industry and uniformity breeds stagnation. An outside viewpoint can bring a fresh approach and allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

  3. They will strengthen ties with other organizations. An outside hire has a wider perspective of how your industry fits with those around it, facilitating collaboration and connection.