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The Vital Difference Between Experience and Expertise

When searching for a new leader for your organization one of the ways that you can get the best—and the best fit—is to focus in on their competence. Many people have performed functions, but that does not mean they have done them well. Just because someone is practiced, doesn’t mean they are proficient. Here are three ways to suss out true expertise over experience:

  1. Evaluate their accomplishments. In their time in a role did they show quantifiable results? What growth did they demonstrate? What benchmarks did they surpass?

  2. Listen to the way they talk about their experience. Does it demonstrate understanding or just familiarity? Do they exhibit passion? Do they reflect with insight?

  3. Notice how their references describe their competence. Is there respect for your candidate and excitement for the time they worked together? Are they able to relate specifics of performance and traits or just generalities about their personality?

Most executives have threads of consistency throughout their careers. By identifying what those are you can better understand if they are the best fit for your organization.