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Universities Teach Cybersecurity through Competition

Universities around the country recently competed in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, which allows students the chance to apply the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom in a high-pressure environment. According to the organizers: “CCDC competitions ask student teams to assume administrative and protective duties for an existing ‘commercial’ network – typically a small company with 50+ users, 7 to 10 servers, and common Internet services such as a web server, mail server, and e-commerce site. A volunteer red team provides the ‘external threat” all Internet-based services face and allows the teams to match their defensive skills against live opponents.”

You need only look as far as the evening news to see examples of why cybersecurity is so vital—and increasingly complex. These universities are working to ensure the safety of information in the future by equipping students today.

Congrats to Hyatt-Fennell partner Indiana Tech, who won their state competition!