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Encouraging Alternative Spring Break on Your Campus

Spring break is nearly upon us. Many students may be dreaming of the beach, but there is a growing trend of alternative spring-breaks. Instead of going somewhere they can relax, colligates travel somewhere they can serve. There is great value not just for those who receive assistance, but also for the students themselves. Alternative spring breaks encourage leadership development and allow for real-word application of areas of study. Millennials are drawn to meaning and for them self-sacrifice trumps self-indulgence. If you’d like to facilitate alternative spring breaks, here are three ways to get the options in front of students:

  1. Present accessible options. Students are already sacrificing time off. A large financial cost may be an insurmountable barrier. Research reputable non-profits near your campus and the programs they have in place. All-inclusive options that include room and board are great choices, keeping things simple for students.

  2. Share stories. Once you’ve found programs, share specific narratives with students. Include stories both from individuals helped and student participants. Stories allow us to connect with the humanity of people and places.

  3. Get social. Highlight the stories on your social media channels. Use photos and quotes to engage students and encourage them to learn more.

  4. Target groups. Share the options with populations for which they are well-suited. Share youth development programs with Education majors. Habitat for Humanity programs are natural fits for Social Work students.

Does your campus already have an alternative spring break program in place? Join us on social media to share how your students have made a difference.