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Crafting a Diversity Statement

There has long been a standard packet of information to include in an academic job application: cover letter, CV, teaching statement, letters of recommendation, and research statement. A new inclusion is regularly required: the diversity statement.

With the increased attention on the deep and disturbing historical inequality in our education systems, many schools are being proactive. You need to demonstrate that diversity is something you are committed to. Your diversity statement should include three elements:

1. Past experience. How have you learned about and encountered diversity? What shaped your philosophy?

2. Current methodology. How have you assimilated your experiences into your classroom? How do you integrate and encourage different backgrounds and perspectives?

3. Resultant value. What are the positive outcomes of integrating diversity?

Here are a few additional resources you can draw from as you craft your own diversity statement:

From Teaching Assistant Consulting Program: https://tacdiversitystatement.wikispaces.com/

From Karen Kelsky: https://chroniclevitae.com/news/266-the-professor-is-in-making-sense-of-the-diversity-statement

From The Advanced Edit: http://theadvancededit.com/admissions/how-to-write-a-diversity-statement/