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Generation Z: What to Expect as They Come of Age

We’ve talked before about the influence of Millennials on the workplace, but who’s coming after them? Lisa Malat introduces us to generation Z and explores this generation that’s about to land at universities in her article.

One interesting shift from Millennials that she shares:

“Perhaps contrary to some perceptions, this next generation of students sees a higher education degree as extremely valuable, with 89 percent rating its value as “very high.” Unlike Millennials, who pursue personal fulfillment more widely than financial goals or job titles, Gen Z values college most as a means to secure a good job. It stands to reason then that their number one concern is whether or not they will be able to find that good job after graduation.”

She goes on to discuss their entrepreneurial bent and thorough integration of technology. Read the entire article here and then share your thoughts! @HyattFennell