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Think Like An Employer: Tips for Preparing for an Interview

Many of us have interviewed a number of times and can fall into patterns of preparation. Shake up and strengthen your approach by putting yourself in the interviewers seat. By understanding what they are thinking and looking for, you can better connect the dots on how you are perfect for the position.

  1. Study the job description. Don’t just give it a cursory glance to check off the experience you have. Read between the lines to understand what their values are for the position. Understand how you fit in with their ideal and articulate that understanding in the way you answer questions.

  2. Do your research. We all know it’s essential to check out a company prior to an interview. Pay particular attention to company vision, values, significant accomplishments, and new initiatives. What can they teach you about the workplace culture and the perspective the hiring manager will bring to the interview?

  3. Inquire about their team. They are not just hiring an employee, but a team-member. Take time to ask about the team and show how your strengths will enhance the team dynamic.

  4. Demonstrate development. One of the things a potential employer is trying to gauge is how your time with a company would unfold long term. Discuss your career goals, including skills you’re developing, competencies you are aiming for, and positions you imagine yourself in the future as it’s appropriate.

Engage with them. While you can be distracted by trying ensure you give the right answers, don’t forget that you are ultimately seeking to connect with another individual. A personal connection is vital for a successful interview. Be genuine and personable as you converse with your interviewer.