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Preparing for Hiring Needs: 3 Areas to Inventory

Budget season is fast approaching. As you sketch out your expenses for the coming year, how will you prepare for hiring? What type of talent will you need? Consider what employees you'll need to be successful and fulfill your strategic plan for Fiscal Year 17 and reverse engineer. Here are three key things to consider:

  1. Where you have turn-over. Are there areas that continually see shorter employee durations than you’d expect? Once you’ve evaluated internal cultural factors, take a closer look at your hiring practices. Are you recruiting the right match for the position? An excellent employee in a position ill-suited to their strengths becomes a poor employee.

  2. Where you see the best return. What department continually out-performs the others with internal growth and productivity? Allocate resources in a way that is incentivizing the proper behavior. Conversely, are there areas that could be more successful with additional resources?

  3. Where your company is changing. What new opportunities is your company pursuing? How can you position key players to make it successful? Don’t let your future prosperity be hampered by poor planning. Your personnel is the most valuable aspect of your company. Turning to a search firm can be an effective and strategic approach. We here at Hyatt Fennell have a proven track-record and are always here to help!