Resume Refresh: A Best Practice for End of the Year

December 27, 2015


The end of the year has a built-in rhythm of taking stock and making plans for the coming year. We scrutinize habits, evaluate goals, and explore intentions. As you are thinking about your personal health, take some time also to foster your professional health by dusting off your resume. The best time to update your resume is before you need it! By making periodic changes and updates your content stays more accurate and descriptions more vibrant. Your 2016 resolutions should include professional resolutions. Allow your goals for the future to be informed by your growth in the past. Pull out your resume and evaluate these areas:



  1. Current content. Start at the most basic: is your phone number and email correct? It’s best-practice to use a non-company email on your resume. Does your resume reflect your current position and duties? Do you have additional volunteer experience or skills to incorporate?

  2. Additional accomplishments. Have you received any promotions or recognitions since you last updated your resume? Integrate recent achievements and awards into the existing format. Conversely, it may be time to trim off items you listed previously that are no longer relevant to your focus.

  3. Dynamic descriptions. Evaluate the job duties and skills listed. Taking time to periodically update your resume allows you to describe tasks while they are fresh in your mind. Say you implemented a new CMS. What planning was involved? How did you approach the change? How did you communicate with staff? What evaluation measures did you carry out once the project was complete? Think through all aspects of a task and describe it using active and positive language.

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