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Help Your Employees Enjoy the Holidays: Three Golden Rules for Time off

Earlier this year we wrote about the importance of honoring employee vacation. In light of how much that piece resonated—with employers and employees alike—we wanted to revisit the subject and highlight a few things to keep in mind that are specific to the holiday season.

Read our entire list of vacation recommendations here as you prepare to have a relaxing and happy holiday!

  1. Make the policies clear in advance. There is inherent complexity in maintaining workflow and staffing needs while balancing time-off requests. Well before the time-off inquiries start rolling in, notify staff of how requests should be made, any restrictions or parameters, and remind them that your goal is to make the holiday a happy season for the entire office. Use a positive and proactive tone.

  2. Be patient with productivity. Between employees on vacation, holiday gift exchanges, and cookies in the breakroom, distractions and interruptions abound. Make your goals while remembering that there are more restrictions on time; don’t set a deadline that you’re unable to keep. Continue to communicate expectations, but build in a little extra grace.

  3. Express your appreciation. Most importantly, at its heart, the holidays are about connection and giving. Honor your employees contributions from the year and show them how grateful you are for them. In addition to any year-end bonuses and gifts, consider penning a personal note to each staff member letting them know how much you value having them on your team.