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2016 Forecast:  Hyatt-Fennell's Predictions for 5 Important Hiring Trends to Watch

As the year winds down, we can’t help but think about the future. Here are five things we see gaining momentum in 2016:

  1. Social media. Social media has grown in it’s usefulness for finding quality talent. We turn to the internet for everything nowadays, hiring is no exception. While networking will always remain a key avenue, even personal discussions and recommendations are now facilitated by social media.

  2. Employer branding. LinkedIn reported in their 2016 Global Trends forecast that “employer brand is a top priority” for 62% of businesses. Companies will continue to define the personality and values of their organization and use that as a key message for finding like-minded employees.

  3. Flexibility. As millennials continue to be a larger part of the workforce, their value of flexibility will have an impact on how employers structure positions. This will include everything from working remotely to the importance of PTO in the compensation package, to increased utilization of independent contractors.

  4. Longevity. Conversely, one of the challenges of the increase of millennial workers is the decrease in longevity. With employers investing so much to find qualified talent, they will be redoubling their efforts to increase employee retention through a variety of strategies.

  5. Data-driven. As the quality and quantity of data increases, employers will rely more and more on predictive analytics to inform and shape the way they approach and execute hiring.