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Y it Matters: Millennials in the Workforce

Today one in three members of the workforce is a Millennial (those born between 1980-2000). By 2030, the number will have climbed to three out of four employees. As Generation Y assumes more leadership roles in companies, what are the differences in this generation's values and what are the organizational implications?

  1. Authenticity. Millennials have a deep value of authenticity. They want to be doing something meaningful. Part of finding a sense of purpose in their work is understanding their contribution to a team. They don’t just want to know what to do, but why it matters. How are vision and values articulated at your company? What performance measures do you use?

  2. Connection. Relationships are central to the ways Millennials structure their lives. With a deep value for community, Millennials are often unwilling to take jobs or projects that pit personal well-being and family life against advancement. What are the pathways to advancement in your organization? What time-off is offered to new parents? Not just maternity leave but paternity leave is a vital offering for Millennials.

  3. Adaptability. Millennials grew up with the internet and its constant reinvention. They are wonderfully skilled at adapting and innovating. They will have impatience for inefficient tools and outmoded policies and are a valuable resource for improving systems in a company. What procedures and practices exist for change at your organization? Is innovation welcomed or discouraged?

How has your organization changed as Millennials have grown in presence and influence? What other traits do you identify? What policies encourage their growth and development? Join us on social media to discuss!