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Relocating: 5 Tips for Applying for a Job in Another City

In our increasingly mobile world, relocation is becoming more commonplace. There are some unique challenges when looking for a job in another city, but they are by no means insurmountable. Whether you are moving across the country or around the world, here are 5 tips to help you with a long-distance search:

  1. Be patient. Finding a new job takes time and relocation adds an additional complication. Realize that the process may take slightly longer, but will be worth it.

  2. Explain in your cover letter. Don’t leave potential-employers wondering and risk them dismissing your application. Over explaining is counter productive, a simple sentence will suffice: “I am relocating to Dallas to be near family” or “I have enjoyed the career opportunities in Seattle, but am looking forward to coming home to Detroit.“ Bear in mind that employers don’t want to feel responsible for your move, so emphasize the inevitability and permanence of the change: “If I find a job, I’d be willing to try out Omaha,” will not create a winsome impression.

  3. Reiterate in your resume. The explanation you provided in your cover letter can be reinforced in your resume. Next to your address include a parenthetical comment about the relocation. Jane Smith 123 Main Street, Dubuque (Relocating to Atlanta March, 2016)

  4. Network. Networking has always been essential to a job search. When looking in a different city, you may need to be more creative and resourceful in your approaches. Pull out your rolodex, virtual or otherwise, and get to work. Consider your alumni connections and trade organizations. Take advantage of your scouting trips to your new city to visit the local chamber of commerce. If you’re relocating due to a partner’s job, their company may be able to offer you resources.

  5. Don’t let relocation take center stage. A move is a huge change, but don’t let it become the main focus for you or potential employers. Continue to focus on your qualifications and your career trajectory; those should always be the guiding factors in any job search.