R U Slipping? The Importance of Attention in an Emoticon World

September 15, 2015

Communication customs vary by medium. A letter to grandma will be markedly different than a letter to shareholders. Email, text, Slack, gChat: channels of communication are running at an all time high and time seems to run at an all-time low. It can be an easy, but costly, mistake to jumble your streams. I received an email from a client over the weekend that used the letter U in place of the word you. It can be an easy out to blame such mistakes on “kids these days,” but all of us are rushing so much that we can slip into more lax forms of communication. This is why soft skills are increasingly valued by employers. The ability to shake hands and look someone in the eye, email decorum, and meeting etiquette are strong assets to possess. Quantity does not trump quality and cultivating habits of communication is vital to professional success.


We wanted to open up a discussion. What ways do you continue to develop your communication skills? How do you make time for client and coworker communication? Have you received an email with text-speak? How do you think it’s best to respond? Join us on social media to share your thoughts.





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