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Making Sure Your Next Executive Search Is Mobile Friendly

Mobile Matters

Google announced earlier this year that we’ve reached a mobile tipping-point: “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers.” Consider that with the fact that Google recently changed their algorithm to prioritize sites that are mobile responsive and it’s clear that if your career page doesn’t take mobile into account, you are missing out on qualified candidates.

Even for Hiring

BenefitsPro reports that “70 percent of job seekers use mobile devices when searching for positions.” Candidates are often looking on-the-go and if your site is not optimized for mobile, they won’t stick around and may not return on a desktop site. SimplyHired has found that “40 percent of mobile candidates abandon a non-mobile friendly application process.”

A common but erroneous assumption is that mobile is the playground of younger applicants. While Millennials are there to be sure, they are not the only ones. Sarah White told Monster.com that, “Adults 45 and up are one of the fastest-growing users of mobile apps.”

Practical Tips

Mobile is all about clear and digestible information and ease of navigation.

  • Streamline Content. Large blocks of text may be no problem on desktop, but are unwieldy and unwelcoming on a phone or tablet. Work with a developer experienced in mobile to pare down the information on the mobile version of your career site. This will make for a coherent and accessible experience for potential applicants.

  • Simplify Navigation. There are inherent limitations to the screen size of a phone or tablet. The complexity of menus, scaling of photos, and size of buttons should all be tailored for a mobile site.