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Three Ways to Promote Your Brand and Reputation in Recruiting Efforts.

Recruiting qualified and competent talent is key for any organization. Finding employees who are good is not enough: they must also be a good fit for your organization. By being clear about your brand, you can save time and effort both on your part and that of potential employees. Here are three tips to help you hone your message so that it will yield ideal matches in hiring.

  • Evaluate and understand your mission. After years of recruiting it’s easy to be so rehearsed in your pitch that it becomes rote. Take a step back to consider your organization. What makes you unique? How are you differentiated from your competitors? What do your clients appreciate about you? Why do your employees stick around? These are all elements that should find their way into recruiting conversations.

  • Show your values. Reach beyond what you do to why you do it. Understanding and articulating the values of your company will help you attract like-minded individuals who will thrive in your organization.

  • Highlight stories. Move things from the abstract to concrete by telling stories. People connect with stories! Use narratives to flesh out the values you identified in real-life examples. Stories of employees’ progress through the company and client success stories are excellent tools.

As you are consistent and vibrant in presenting your brand, you will see your recruitment efforts flourish rather than flounder.