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3 Tips to Boost Alumni Engagement

Last month we discussed important principles to remember as you interact with your alumni. This month we want to highlight practical strategies to improve your alumni engagement by getting three different groups involved.

  • Career Services Engagement. A positive way to get recent graduates engaged is by having career services share tips and relevant positions. Being a resource as students transition out of academic life into career will demonstrate your value and prompt them to think of you as a place to turn for help.

  • Faculty Engagement. The online platform Reddit popularized AMAs: Ask Me Anything sessions where celebrities or experts field questions from an online audience. As we mentioned last month, your faculty are an excellent resource for adding value to the conversation with alumni. Have faculty host an online Q&A at regular intervals (monthly is a good frequency). Allow alumni to be part of selecting the next faculty-expert to build interest.

  • Department-Specific Engagement. As alumni follow their career path, keeping abreast of latest developments in their field is a priority. Department-specific social media accounts can fulfill that need while coordinating with your central presence to be cohesive with overall goals.