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The Value of Predictive Analytics for Hiring

One of the byproducts of the increasing automation of the workforce is the sheer amount of data now available on everything from employee retention rates by department to the number of emails sent by an individual employee. Predictive analytics leverages the data available to show trends and predict outcomes. While such metrics have been more readily adopted in areas such as employee training or incentives, human resources is beginning to awaken to the value of the data available. Here are three areas to think about as you implement predictive analytics in your hiring process.

  • Know what you need. Use predictive analytics to pinpoint what is missing in your organization. Not exclusively in terms of skills, but also personality and team dynamics.

  • Understand who’s interviewing. Assessment testing provides invaluable information, showing how a candidate performs in a particular situation and giving honest representation of their aptitude.

  • Hone your process. Apply predictive analytics to your hiring process! What aspects of your process were correlated with suitability and longevity? Continue to improve and tighten the iteration, hiring better employees more efficiently.