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Successful Vetting for Successful Candidates

Finding a new president for your organization is a time-consuming process. It can wear on the attention span of even the most patient soul. However, taking your time and being careful with your steps pays off in the long run. Before you begin taking a closer look at candidates, pause to examine your process. Here are three tips to help you and your candidates navigate the process smoothly.

1. Question strategically. If you ask stock questions, you are likely to get stock answers. Be thoughtful about the questions you pose to references. It’s also vital to be focused: vary your questions depending on the nature of the reference to get the most pertinent and meaningful information.

2. Check social media. Don’t allow your vetting process to get mired in the past. Social media is a key indicator of the nature, tone, and savvy of digital interactions of any candidate.

3. Update candidates. If the process does get held up, communicate with applicants. You’re not the only one the process can drag for! If delays arise, contact those affected and be clear about any changes to procedure or timeline.

The effort you invest in a thorough and thoughtful presidential search is one that will yield results for years to come in your institution and is well worth the expenditure.