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Good Managers Trust Ideas

No one likes a micromanager. Having a superior dictate, hover over, and second guess your every action is a sure-fire way to kill morale. But relinquishing control can be hard and scary. Managers are in leadership positions because they have a vision–trusting someone else with that vision can be a challenge. While it may feel easier to handle things yourself, here are three reasons that trusting the ideas from your staff is better for both of you.

Improves morale. When you actively listen to your staff they feel valued–this goes double when you make the effort to seek out feedback and include them in decisions. Fostering a culture of trust and respect will improve communication and cooperation within teams.

Exposes blindspots. Your employee has a vantage point you don’t. By including a diversity of perspectives you can anticipate problems and avoid setbacks.

Brings breakthroughs. If you’ve done your hiring properly, you should have a competent staff that are skilled at their jobs and knowledgeable in their field. When your staff knows you value innovation, they will want to be a part of that–and may be the source of the next breakthrough idea.