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Summer is a Good Time for Succession Planning

Summer brings an automatic and drastic change on college campuses. This creates space in schedules but also space for reflection that can be directed to succession planning.

There are a myriad of practical steps to succession planning, but all are buttressed with philosophical underpinnings. It’s an aspect that is too often glossed over–with adverse results. Here are some tips to help you integrate succession planning into your summer rhythms.

Think about institutional values. Effective succession planning is about a clear understanding of the broad picture and the relationship of individual elements to the whole. Spend time reflecting on the values of your organization. Don’t rush this! What is the overarching vision? How do your succession plans for key positions align with your institutional goals?

Think about strategic opportunities. What are the areas the organization is growing? Are theY opportunities to expand that you are currently ill-equipped to pursue? What strengths are currently underrepresented?

Think about departmental skills. As you work to develop talent in all levels of our organization with an eye to cultivating qualified candidates for key roles, check in to evaluate how your efforts are going. What skills are seeing growth? What methods are yielding the best return? How can you build on your momentum and pivot your efforts?

These questions provide a vital foundation from which you can move onto some of the action items of succession planning. Give us a call! We'll find a shady spot and a cool beverage over which to discuss your most important positions. That way, when staff vacations and summer fun dominate campus life, you can trust that we'll be working behind the scenes to make certain the right people are in place to meet the needs and expectations of your students next year and into the future.

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