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Worst Job Interview Ever!

Interviews are nerve wracking, but our fears are usually unfounded. Even if a job offer is not extended, interviewees usually successfully navigate an interview unscathed by calamity...usually. We have heard from a few Pittsburghers whose interviews were fraught with mishaps.

These experiences can stick with us even when they strike early in our working career. Christian from Bloomfield relates his orthographic embarrassment when his interviewer questioned an item from his application: “The interviewer smugly asked me why I had requested ‘mininimum wage.’ I didn't get the job but I never misspelled minimum again.”

Interviewers like to keep us on our toes–and sometimes even keep them tapping. Caitlin from Lawrenceville was once thrown for a loop when her interviewers requested her to sing for them; a panel of 8 people. She took it in stride and rapped Run DMC.

Poor interviews apply to both sides. Julie from Point Breeze was unimpressed when an applicant brought his mom to the interview, played Gameboy in the reception area while he waited, then complained he was “freaking tired” during the interview. A job offer was not extended.

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