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Visualization for Successful Interviews

Athletes have long known the value of visualization for competition. We think interviewing is another ideal application. Inherent in interviewing are some nerves, even for veterans. When you reach those moments in an interview of wondering, “how is this going?” often it can lead to a cascade of worry, “Did I say the right thing? Is my interviewer looking bored?” which can negatively affect confidence and, in turn, performance. If you have gone in with a default setting of self-doubt, you will likely perform in-line with your expectations. Visualization allows you to swap your default setting.

Preparing for an interview with visualization doesn’t need to be complicated or involved. To begin, sit in a relaxing place, close your eyes and imagine yourself going into the interview, sitting in the waiting area, calm and poised. Imagine yourself when you are called into the interview. You make eye contact and exchange a firm handshake. As you answer their questions, you are warm and engaging.

When you have spent some time, even briefly, doing visualization before an interview, you are more likely to respond positively when you might otherwise be prone to doubt. It is an excellent way to round out your preparation to include emotional preparation as well as the standard mental and physical preparation.