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Current Climate in Executive Searches

Technology has long driven workplace change, and we appear to be at another phase of tectonic shift. On this Follow Friday, we wanted to bring you a few thoughts from experts in the field about the implications of the evolving landscape on executive searches.

1. Information Interest. CEO of CTPartners, Brian Sullivan notes that with the monsoons of information flooding companies, certain roles are in higher demand: “We are seeing a proliferation of executive-level roles borne out of the global influence of big data. Businesses are looking for leaders who can not only understand the massive amounts of information available to them but also identify the threats and opportunities that come as a result of this evolving landscape. As such, analytical roles such as head of personalization and head of people analytics, alongside risk and cyber security positions, are the new ‘in-demand’ roles that will be key to maintaining a company’s competitive advantage in 2015.”

2. Adaptable Applicants. Jamie Wenet of Haymen Associates, Inc. points out that flexibility is at a premium as companies continue to adapt and industries adjust to a rapidly changing landscape. "Increasingly since more and more industries are under fire, we are looking for flexibility and for people who have...transitioned between industries...worked at different companies, been put in different environments, maybe have a global perspective, and are able to flex across a big organization."

3. Modern Methods. With all this discussion of the winds of change, does that mean that everything is new? Certainly not. Lisa Rangel acknowledges that the integration of online tools, from social media to searchable online resumes, has opened up additional opportunities and expedited the process. However, those are only the preamble for the in-person meetings that are the substance of the search process. There is no app for personality.

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