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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Interview Clothing

You landed an interview! Congratulations on the hard-work that got you this far. There is a lot of prep-work that goes into an interview–researching the company, preparing questions–and it’s easy for the question of what to wear to become a secondary consideration. Rather than having one set interviewing suit, below are some tips for thinking through the best selection for each interview.

1. Know your audience. The research you do on a company in crafting your cover letter and selecting your interview questions should also be borne out in your wardrobe choice. A law-firm with a long legacy warrants a more traditional choice than a tech start-up. Tailor your outfit to the corporate culture.

2. Conservative trumps chance. When in doubt, it’s best to err on the side of caution. If you have to question if something is pushing the envelope, it’s likely a good sign that it’s something to steer away from. Feel free to do some research too. Workplace attitudes toward many aspects of appearance are changing as things like piercings and tattoos become more common. If you have to make a judgment call, opt for for the more conservative option.

3. Wear some essential oil to calm yourself. Interviews are stress-inducing situations even for the most seasoned among us. Putting a spot of lavender essential behind your ear can send cues, reminding you to calm yourself.