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3 Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile: Make it the Best Complement to Your Resume

It is easy to let your LinkedIn profile gather dust, but it is important to keep it up-to-date to increase your visibility for current associates and future employers. Below are three simple steps you can take to hone your profile to better serve your career goals.

1. Use a photo. Profiles with photos get 14 times the views of those without. Be sure to use work-appropriate photos. Take time to crop it so that it fits well in the aspect ratio and check the thumbnail preview LinkedIn provides to see how it will display.

2. Take advantage of notifications. LinkedIn regularly sends notifications when your connections have work anniversaries or new positions. These provide excellent and natural opportunities to congratulate your connections. Remember that a social network is an online community; be a kind and generous member of the community, building goodwill.

3. Excel with recommendations. Contact a few individuals with whom you’ve recently had positive experiences and ask if they would be willing to write a brief paragraph to endorse you on LinkedIn. Make your request clear and concise: it doesn’t need to be elaborate, a short paragraph will suffice. Be sure to include instructions on the technical aspects of posting it so they don’t get tripped up once they try. Recommendations are a great opportunity to give life to the skills you’ve spoken about in your work-history and experience.