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Spring Cleaning Your Resume

In addition to sorting through boxes in basements and digging into the back of unused closets, spring is an excellent time to take a fresh look at your resume. We have 5 tips to keep it current for your next search.

1. Theme. Take a step back and look at your resume as a whole. Does it tell a cohesive narrative? The statement in your objective should be reflected in the descriptions you highlight and way you describe job duties.

2. Formatting. Most of us update our resumes along way. That can make for some Frankenstein formatting. Look aesthetically at your resume: Are your indentations uniform? Do you use bullets in one list and numbers in another? Are you consistent in your use of a serial comma? Do you punctuate at the end of your bullets or not? Make sure the visual impression your resume makes is a good one.

3. Integrate Volunteer Activity. Employers are not just looking for someone to fulfill a list of duties, but to fit into a workplace culture. By highlighting your volunteer activity, you reflect a fuller picture of yourself as a person. Utilize descriptions of the volunteer role to show your skills and values.

4. Title with Your Name. Employers review a lot of resumes for each position. Make their job easier and ensure you don’t get lost in the shuffle by titling your resume clearly with your name such as DoeJohn2015.

5. Send as a PDF. Remember all that formatting you finessed? Depending on the operating system and program a prospective employer opens it in, that might get disrupted. Sending your resume as a PDF is the best way to make certain they see your resume as you intended it to be seen.