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Three Tips for a Winning Interview

Once you’ve done the work of applying for the job and received a call for a meeting, the preparation for the interview begins. In addition to the more obvious choices of what to wear and giving consideration to questions you want to ask your interviews, it’s important not to overlook some of the underlying aspects of the interview.

1. Breathe. Even for the most proficient, interviewing can be nerve wracking. When you take deep breaths, it cues your body to relax, reversing the adrenaline rushes that often accompany interviews. Checking in with your breath is an excellent way to remain calm and centered during an interview.

2. Smile. Remember that you are glad to be there! One of the best ways to communicate gratitude and enjoyment to your interviewers is with a smile. Smiling shows confidence and warmth that will reflect well on you.

3. Eye contact. Fundamentally, interviews are about connecting. Don’t get so caught up in the process and formalities that you don’t attend to people in front of you. Remember to listen, make eye contact, and allow them to have an authentic interaction with you.