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What to Do After You Complete Your Interview with a Search Committee (Third in a Series)

You’ve completed your interview with the search committee, and you’re on your way home. “Good interview,” you think to yourself. “Now’s the time to relax.” Well, not exactly. Shortly after you return home, do one more thing. Send a thank-you note to each search-committee member.

The search committee will discuss your interview and credentials and decide whether you are or are not a fit for the position and get back to you within one day to one week.

In the meantime, if you have questions, it’s good protocol to discuss these with the consultant who’s worked with you during your position-search process, not a member of the search committee.

It’s incumbent on you to mail or email a thank-you note right away. Email, by the way, is a totally fitting medium for this and may save you some time. Just remember to cover these four, key points in your email missive:

  • Explicitly thank each member of the search committee for inviting you in and interviewing you.

  • Reiterate your interest in the position you interviewed for and your desire to be invited for a campus interview and to be a part of the institutional family.

  • Highlight positive aspects about your interview experience.

  • Mention that you are open to any and all follow-up questions from the search committee.

Your thank-you note should continue to make a positive impression on members of the search committee. That’s why it’s critical to proof read, edit, and spell check your thank-you before you send it.

People who hold your future in their hands don’t take kindly to typos in emails. A good, clear email shows you, as a person who takes the time to make sure what you send is as well prepared as you were during the interview. Be professional – and this includes the follow up. And now you wait!