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Don’t Let Zoom Erode Your Credibility: Three Tips for Keeping Meetings Professional

Working from home has gone from a temporary emergency-measure to a new normal for many people. Some organizations have announced their employees will continue to work from home through the remainder of the year—or even beyond. As working from home drags on, don’t get too comfortable. Professionalism counts, now more than ever. Here are three tips to keep Zoom meetings on the right track: Sit still. One of the challenges of working from home is that our personal and professional spaces blur. Many individuals become lax during meetings, popping in and out with frequency. For example, leaving the meeting to get a glass of water—sometimes even taking their laptops with them, resulting in an impr

Why You Should Consider Hiring Now

Many institutions have instituted hiring freezes to mitigate the financial shortfalls created by the pandemic. Mike Wheless argues in The Chronicle of Higher Education that this may be the best time to attract top talent from the job pool. Wheless observes, “from my team’s perspective, better questions for institutions to ask themselves are: ‘should we recruit now, while others are fearful and the talent we are after is not being inundated with competing offers? Or should we wait for this rare opportunity to pass us by?’” He points out that this moment is an inflection point that will shape institutions deeply—for good or ill—and effective leaders will make the difference between survival an

What’s in Your Tool Box?  Hiring for Tech Skills

2020 is teaching us quite a bit about resilience, community, and resourcefulness. As many individuals work remotely, we’ve all had to hone our technology skills and become our own home-based Geek Squad to stay afloat in the working-from-home era. This has highlighted the importance of screening for technology-competence as part of the interview process. When hiring for non-technical positions, how can you tell if a job candidate has enough tech capacity? Here are four steps to guide you: Observe your interactions. Email reveals a lot about someone’s technology and social skills. Both are key areas for employee performance. Do they have a professional signature? Do they use complete sentences

Planning in the Midst of a Pandemic Recovery - Eighth in a Series by Jack Calareso, Hyatt-Fennell Ex

As I write this article, most colleges are still trying to balance addressing the impact of the pandemic with planning for their Fall semesters. The impact of lost enrollment, cancellation of summer classes and programs, etc. – all are issues that are resulting in budget deficits. Every day The Chronicle updates a daily article listing furloughs and layoffs by institution (and you don’t even have to have a subscription to read it). Articles appear almost every day identifying program cuts and closures, and institutions claiming financial exigency. Some institutions have their Fall plans in place, but every institution realizes that things might change. Others are still trying to decide betwe

One Mistake Leaders Make When Casting Vision

One of the essential tasks of a leader is to guide an organization—to extend vision. Dr. Rob Sheehan, Academic Director of Executive MBA Programs at the University of Maryland, cautions against imposing your personal vision on an organization. He notes: The most powerful visions are shared visions. In research reported in Harvard Business Review a number of years ago by leadership gurus Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner (January 2009), they stated: “Constituents want visions of the future that reflect their own aspirations. They want to hear how their dreams will come true and their hopes will be fulfilled... The only visions that take hold are shared visions . . . And you will create them onl

Dr. Robert Head "Playing From Behind"

Dr. Robert Head came from humble beginnings, but his story is one of patient determination. Dr. Head was the first person from his family to graduate college and went on to serve as president of two Universities, Urbana University and Rockford University. Now, Dr. Head has published a new book chronicling the lessons he learned throughout his successful career in a book titled Playing From Behind. The book draws its title from a study of college basketball done by two faculty members of Wharton School of Business who found that 60% of teams trailing by up to 4 points at halftime go on to win the game, illustrating that our perceived disadvantages can be transformed into motivational advantag

Search Spotlight: Vice President of Enrollment Management

Lourdes University is seeking accomplished and strategic candidates for the Vice President of Enrollment Management position. Reporting to the President, the Vice President of Enrollment Management provides leadership in planning, developing, executing, and assessing the enrollment-management plan for the University. Enrollment Management oversees undergraduate, graduate, and CBE admission; retention; and financial aid. Read full details of the position and start your application here. If you or someone you know is considering a new position, we have several to consider. See a full list of open searches here or call us to discuss the possible next steps in your career.

Pandemic Uncertainty and an Opportunity for Leadership: What’s Your Next Step?

The COVID-19 pandemic may be inspiring dreams of retirement for myriad professionals (or at least those who are honest!). Many have moved up retirement plans, opting to exit the chaos now rather than serve out another year or two. These retirements mark a closing and an opening. They provide a chance to celebrate the contributions of those who have provided direction in the past. They also offer an opportunity for a new wave of leaders to step to the fore and bring decisive leadership to guide organizations through this turbulent time. The global pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to colleges and universities as they have been forced to adapt instruction, attend to safety measures

A President Should Lead by Teaching Seventh in a Series by Jack Calareso, Hyatt-Fennell Executive Se

Over the past several years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving as a resource and mentor for those inside and outside of the academy who are either thinking about applying for a presidency, or who are currently functioning in the role of a president and need some advice. Having served as the president of five small, private colleges, I do have some experience. But in giving advice, I try very hard to be both careful and honest. I openly share the ideas and strategies I tried that didn’t work out, as well as those that worked at one institution but not at another. I admit openly when I don’t know the answer. I try to listen more than speak, because many times people just want s

Search Spotlight: Founding Dean, School of Nursing

Emory & Henry College (E&H) invites applications for the position of Founding Dean of the School of Nursing. Reporting to the Vice President for Health Sciences, the Dean of Nursing will create and foster a collegial and collaborative environment that promotes innovation and excellence in nursing education, clinical practice, and community service. This position will be responsible for daily operations, fiscal administration, and overall management of the School of Nursing. Read full details of the position and start your application here. If you or someone you know is considering a new position, we are assisting with many searches. See a full list of open searches here or call us to discuss

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