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Interview Aids: How Cheat Sheets Should—and Shouldn’t—Be Used

Each interview requires thorough preparation. That preparation can sometimes take the form of written notes and aids. Here are three different types of cheat sheets and guidelines on when they are appropriate: Notes on the organization. As you prepare, you will gather information on the institution. This will include basic history, key players, mission, values, and culture. These notes should be reviewed before your interview. As you do so, you may consider creating a bulleted list to reference during a phone or video interview. Annotated résumé. Your goal in an interview is to connect your experience with a particular position. It can be a productive exercise to note the specific skills and

Communication in the Time of COVID: Best Practices for Leaders in Education

The spring 2020 semester was one of the most challenging and tumultuous that higher education has faced in recent memory. As you lead your campus community into the new academic year, you have a unique opportunity to be a source of direction, clarity, and vision in a harrowing time. Your communication practices will set the tone for how your campus community weathers this challenge. Here are three principles that should mark your communication: Be proactive. Uncertainty abounds in these days. Don’t leave your campus community to the caprice of speculation. Be regular and intentional in your communication. That may mean communicating before a decision has been made and explaining the process.

Search Spotlight: Associate Provost

Bunker Hill Community College is accepting nominations and applications for the position of Associate Provost on the Charlestown Campus. The Associate Provost is a mission-critical executive-level leadership position with an academic portfolio to ensure vibrant core program and services development at a senior leadership level. Reporting to the Provost/Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, the Associate Provost provides strategic leadership and direction for the College’s academic programs and student services. Read full details of the position and start your application here. If you or someone you know is considering a new position, we have several to consider. See a full list of

How Your Part-Time Jobs Fit into Your Résumé

Not all careers are linear. Many professionals have times away from the workforce or working part-time positions. Those times need not be glaring holes in your résumé; they may simply require more thought to integrate. Kat Boogaard from Zip Recruiter shares valuable guidelines to allow your experience to show your qualifications: “Highlighting your experience in an appealing way (even if it is just part-time!) isn’t as impossible as you might think...It’s important to remember that hiring managers are looking for one thing when they sort through that seemingly endless pile of documents: they’re searching for the very best fit for that position. So, it’s up to you to tailor your résumé to por

Career Advice: Zoom Interview Tips for Students

Many college graduates are launching their first search for full-time careers in their fields. It is a time of excitement and opportunity. An interview is a pivotal moment in your job search. It allows you to get to know the organization to see if it’s somewhere that fits your career goals, and it enables the organization to see if you’re a good fit for their position. It’s also an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills, something that is valuable at any stage in your career. Our own Cheryl Hyatt shared her advice for students as they encounter Zoom interviews for jobs or internships. Read the entire article in CollegeXpress here.

Navigating Trick Questions in Your Next Interview

Unpredictability is a constant of the interview process. Some HR managers rely on questions specifically designed to trip you up. Others may simply have interview habits they fall back on. The reality is the intention behind a question isn’t as important as the content of your response. Here are a few classic questions and suggestions of how best to formulate your response with poise and set yourself apart: What is your greatest weakness? Individuals often answer this classic interview question with a non-answer, such as “I care too much.” Interviewers see straight through a dodge. They asked you a genuine question: respond with a genuine answer. Answer in a way that shows your integrity and

HR Answers: Maintaining Workplace Civility In An Election Year

Follow these three essential habits to avoid office conflict. It’s an election year in the U.S. That means elevated levels of election coverage, civic engagement and—unfortunately—interpersonal conflict. Political rhetoric has reached a fever pitch and the campaign trails have blazed a path both divisive and intense. The 24-hour cable news networks have conditioned Americans to think that constantly talking politics is normal and that a combative tone is the standard tenor to adopt. While this might yield ratings for Rachel Maddow or Tucker Carlson, it can sour office relationships. Office relationships exist on a sort of hybrid ground. Most employees spend 40-plus hours a week at work, m

The Case for Developing Pre-K-through-16+ Educational Systems Sixth in a Series by Jack Calareso, Hy

As I try to imagine life in the world of formal education after the pandemic (I am not ready to use the term “new normal”), I see, read, and hear about some daunting realities. The experts say that high-quality early education for young children will become harder to sustain due to the new and necessary regulations. Most Pre-K schools operate on very tight budgets/margins and the required class sizes and staffing patterns will force many to close. Some have already announced closure. Those that hope to remain open will be forced to raise their fees and too many families will find that their choices are limited and unaffordable. How many of the 40 million+ applying for unemployment benefit

Happy Independence Day from Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search

This year has brought changes and challenges. The shifts to the most basic aspects of our lives has highlighted what really matters and shown the profound gifts that are ours in this country. A heartfelt wish for a safe, fun, and meaningful Independence Day from the entire team at Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search. “Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood.” —John Adams

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