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Cover Letter Success: Impressive Opening Lines in a Short-Attention Span World

Hiring managers read hundreds of cover letters per month. Most follow a predictable format. How can you grab their attention from the very beginning? Glassdoor offers 5 topics to consider to make your cover letter stand out from the crowd. One key area to highlight in your first sentence is your job title or accomplishments. Heather Huhman writes, “This is a very common and effective way to start out a cover letter. The idea is to get straight to the point and impress the employer with your background. Use your most impressive and most relevant accomplishment stories to explain your worth.” Read the rest of their suggestions here.

Looking for a Job Is a Team Sport: How Inviting Input Focuses Your Success

If you are considering a job change, an important first step is to acknowledge the dissatisfaction you feel with your current job or the desire for a new position. Most individuals move straight from personal reflection to job searching. Doing so neglects one of the most valuable assets in your career journey: the perspective of those invested in your success. Each of us has trusted colleagues, mentors, and family members we turn to for advice and perspective. Draw on this resource by engaging a select few to share their thoughts. Comparing their insights with your own self-perception yields an informed roadmap to your next position. We have three tips to guide you: Be intentional. Send a pe

Paths to the Future: Family Costs - #3 in a Series by Tom Kennedy, Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” – Jack Welch. There are many causes for the fragile status of our institutions, but the purpose of this blog is on costs, collaboration, and steps to consider. Family Tuition Costs It is pretty evident that the cost of tuition coupled with the downward spiral of federal/state support is jeopardizing our private schools. Graduates are being saddled with years of debt without the assurance of getting jobs commensurate with the value of the degree. Parents and students question the pay back for a private college degree. Personally, I have two grandsons attending community colleges, one in Arizona

When to Say No to a Job Offer

After endless résumés, countless cover letters, and interminable interviews, the fall final comes: you’ve been offered the position. Getting a job offer is an achievement to be celebrated, but not automatically accepted. Once you have a formal, written job offer, it’s important to spend some time in reflection. Here are three questions to help you evaluate the decision: Does it align with my career goals? Particularly if you are not currently employed, it’s natural to jump at the first job offer that comes your way. Remind yourself of where you want to be in 5, 10, and 15 years and ask how this position could fit in with that picture. What are the trade-offs? Few jobs are everything we want

Paths to the Future: Institutional Costs - #2 in a Series by Tom Kennedy, Hyatt-Fennell Executive Se

“We are standing still on a downward escalator.” Horace Clark on Higher Education Cutting costs alone isn’t the answer. How about partnering and collaboration? Institutional Costs Private colleges are now discounting tuition at anywhere between 50% and 70% in order to attract students. Operating expenses have continued to escalate requiring our institutions to dip into their meager endowment, cut expenses, and seek new revenue streams. We should be realistic about the institution’s financial status and prognosis. Knowing the current data and sharing this information with all constituents are critical. If the wolf is not yet at the door, he is prowling in the neighborhood. Too many institutio

Private Colleges: Paths to the Future - #1 in a Series by Tom Kennedy, Hyatt-Fennell Executive Searc

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Author unknown, commonly misattributed to Charles Darwin My passion for most of my career has been dedicated to the private, NFP, mostly faith-based colleges and universities across the country. Almost all of these institutions are members of the Council for Independent Colleges (CIC). I am deeply concerned that so many have closed, and others are struggling to survive. Over a 50-year span, it has been my privilege to work with and visit the campuses of nearly 100 of these schools and I see the great contribution that they have made to their region and the country. Regard

A message of support from your friends at Hyatt-Fennell

Like everyone around the world, we are looking for a way to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. For almost 30 years, the partners of Hyatt-Fennell have worked with many institutions to help them find executive and senior leaders. Over these years we have developed many friends. More importantly, we have made many friends. And, as we all know, when difficulties arise, we tend to turn to our friends. So today, Hyatt-Fennell wants to stop the clock, and throw it away! What this means is that we want to remind you that we are your friends. Because we want to help, we invite you to call any of us, at no cost, to work with you to think through this crisis, or any other related matters that a

Empathy Is the Heart of Successful Institutional Change

Many colleges and universities are facing changes in a difficult environmental landscape. As leaders navigate key structural changes, they need to attend not only to what they change, but how they communicate that change. Patti Sanchez, chief strategy officer at Duarte, Inc., shares her experience in Harvard Business Review: I’ve observed the same thing time and time again: how information is communicated to employees during a change matters more than what information is communicated. A lack of audience empathy when conveying news about an organizational transformation can cause it to fail. Studies on organizational change show that leaders across the board agree: if you want to lead a succe

Prove It: How Metrics Make Your Résumé Achievements Tangible

The goal of a résumé is to paint a clear picture of your career success for a potential employer. Using specific metrics quantifies that success in vivid color. Here are three ways to use metrics effectively in your résumé: Be specific. The beauty of metrics is they allow you to demonstrate the value you could bring to a company. Rather than “improved employee retention,” you can say “designed and instituted a new employee-training program that increased employee retention by 37% over a five-year period.” Be selective. Highlight key achievements through metrics. Don’t feel compelled to include them for each item. Think of metrics as a picture in a newspaper. Not each story has—or needs—one.

Expert offers tips to present authentic self during all-important job interview

With more than 20 years of executive-search consulting experience, Cheryl Hyatt has been responsible for successfully recruiting senior-administrative professionals for educational and non-profit organizations. In other words Hyatt — a founding partner at Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search in Conway, Pa., — has seen and heard practically everything when it comes to job interviews. She understands the desire job seekers have to bend themselves into knots, trying to figure out what people want to hear. But she strongly believes that’s the wrong move. Continue Reading Here....

Search Spotlight: Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Students

The University of Colorado, College of Nursing is seeking an exceptional faculty leader to serve as the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Students. This administrative faculty appointment serves as the senior administrator overseeing the College’s faculty and student development and success. The Senior Associate Dean is responsible for ensuring that faculty and student activities are conducted in an efficient and ethical manner, consistent with the rules and regulations of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. For information and application details, visit our website.

Alumni Belong on Your Interview Panel: 3 Benefits to Including a Successful Graduate

As your search committee moves through the process of hiring for a leadership position, an interview is a crucial juncture in your search. As you assemble members of your interview panel, alumni are a key constituent to include. Adding an alumnus or alumna enhances your interview panel in the following ways: Experience. Alumni will be coming from an industry other than academia. Their field experience will broaden your vantage point and garner valuable wisdom from their specialization. This enables you to anticipate pitfalls that otherwise might be blindspots. Diversity is a strength in an interview panel. Perspective. Alumni have unique insight from both within and without an organization.

Higher Education Spotlight: Warner Pacific University

Warner Pacific University is a private Christian liberal arts college in Portland. This thriving academic community features a diverse student body, wide array of programs, and was ranked a #2 Best Value College in the Pacific NW by U.S. News & World Report. Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search is currently assisting Warner Pacific University with its search for Associate Dean of Nursing. This position is responsible for broad implementation of the Prelicensure BSN Degree Program, including accreditation, curriculum, policies, skills and simulation laboratory oversight, student advising, and evaluation, as well as mentoring and collaborating with nurse educator associates and clinical teaching ass

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