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Interview Advice for College Students

Whether it’s an internship or first job after graduation, many college students are turning their attention to summer career opportunities. At Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search, our clients are integral in developing the next generation of professionals. Along with our clients, we share a commitment to student success. As an executive-search firm, we see the application and interview process from all angles. We have three pieces of advice most important for college students to keep in mind as they interview for their next career opportunities: Show your soft skills. Employers place a premium on soft skills. As you research and prepare content for your interview, also consider presentation. Thin

Do You Know How to Answer this Common Interview Question?

It would be difficult to name which is worse: a bizarre, off-the-wall interview question or an old, stale one. Each presents its own challenges. Many interviewers turn to this standard prompt: “Tell me about a time when you had to rely on your skills to overcome conflict.” In order to creatively answer this cliché question, rely on these three elements: Problem. Show a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the issue. Briefly include any relevant background. Don’t get bogged down in the details, but give a succinct overview of the key factors, showing you grasp where the conflict centered. Process. Having identified the problem, explain how you collaborated with others to chart a path fo

What’s in Your Tool Box? Four Keys to Ace a Zoom Interview

Receiving a call-back is cause for celebration—and preparation. In addition to the regular research and prep you would do for any interview, a video interview requires some special forethought. Here are four tips to make sure you give a clear picture with your video interview: Check your tech. Many of us don’t use video conferencing on a regular basis. Practice making and receiving several calls with a friend or colleague. This technical run-through enables you to check that you are comfortable using the software and that your hardware, such as your camera and speakers, are working properly. Set the scene. What is in view for your interviewers? Set a professional tone both in your background

Investing Within: Three Ways to Strengthen Employee Retention

Fiscal and strategic planning cycles for 2021 are underway. One of the most key areas to consider in long-term planning is employee retention. Your staff is the heart and soul of your organization. How can you retain talent and encourage growth that will enable your institutional success for the future? We have three suggestions: Evaluate your on-boarding. The first 60 days set the tone for the rest of employees’ time with an organization. This is your chance to explain your institution’s vision and values and for the employees to set good habits. Your onboarding should convey your organizational culture, connect the employees with other members of the organization, and give them the tools t

Love and Work? Can You Recommend a Spouse for a Job Opening?

Attitudes about workplace romance are changing. One study shows a growing openness to romantic relationships in the workplace. Workplace Options found that “84% of Millennials say they would engage in romance with a co-worker—compared to 36% of Generation X workers (age 30–45), and only 29% of Boomers (age 46–65).” This increased comfort means that the question of recommending a partner for a position will be encountered more and more. It’s an issue that deserves thoughtful consideration. You should exercise the same care that you would with recommending anyone for a job (Check out this excellent article from Glassdoor for advice on that topic.). The first step is thoughtful reflection on th

Search Spotlight:  Marywood University Provost

Marywood University, a comprehensive Catholic University founded in 1915 and sponsored by the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, invites nominations and applications for the position of Provost.

Leadership Lessons from This Year’s Oscar Nominees

The Academy Awards will be held this weekend in Hollywood. Each year we enjoy watching the nominees for Best Picture, not only for the hours of entertainment, but for the lessons they convey about cultivating the best in human talent. Here are three insights we've gleaned from this year’s nominees: Your habits shape your future. In the Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, actor Rick Dalton is faced with the reality that not only is Hollywood changing around him, but he is changing—and not necessarily for the better. His choices have left him with fading career opportunities. His story provides a reminder that the way we treat others and the habits we cultivate or allow will

Have You Made These Interview Mistakes?

Jim Pawlak notes that there are three reasons that people who secure a first interview don’t get invited back: poor first impression, lack of confidence, and wrong answers. Wrong answers can take a number of different forms. He explains one common mistake: “Not answering a question clearly buries you, too. Often people start off on-point, then in an effort to impress, begin to add information that actually muddles their answer. The interviewer shouldn’t have to poke around the gravy to find the meat. Keep your answers brief. If you’re not sure if you’ve provided sufficient information, you can always ask: ‘Is there anything more you’d like to know?’ ‘No’ isn’t a good response when an intervi

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