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The Difference between a Resolution and a Goal

Happy New Year! Many individuals are entering the new year with optimism and undertaking a resolution. The desire to improve is laudable and should be encouraged. But, what’s the best way to approach growth? While a resolution emphasizes your internal drive, a goal focuses on an external achievement. Both are ultimately necessary for change, but framing something as a goal is a more positive approach. It helps you keep your eyes on the prize. Prepare for success by measuring your goal by these three guidelines: Measurable. Make your goal specific. How will you know when you’ve achieved your objective? Be concrete and write your goal down. Reasonable. Choose an incremental goal. It’s probably

Give Yourself The Gift of Reflection

Time away from the office doesn’t just benefit your mental health and your relationships, it’s good for your career as well. Use the break from your routine to gain some perspective. Take just an hour out of your holiday break to print your résumé, reflect on all you’ve achieved this year, and consider what you’d like to add to your résumé and professional bio in the coming year. Grab a cup of eggnog or cocoa and let yourself dream. Close by spending a few minutes bullet journaling about what you’d like to accomplish. Put your notes somewhere that you can revisit them in the coming months. You’ll thank yourself later for taking time to think about yourself and your achievements as the year d

Happy Holidays from Hyatt-Fennell

The holidays are a time of warmth and light as we celebrate what is important to us. At Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search, we are deeply grateful for the talented and passionate people we work with. We are inspired by the impact you are having in education at colleges and universities around the world. Our warmest wishes for the holidays from the entire Hyatt-Fennell team!

Leadership Lessons from A Charlie Brown Christmas

In A Charlie Brown Christmas, good old Chuck is conscripted to direct the Christmas play. This holiday classic yields some valuable life—and leadership—lessons. Here are three principles from Charlie Brown’s holiday adventure: Get outside yourself. Lucy suggests that Charlie Brown get involved in the Christmas play to shake him out of his holiday malaise. Lucy rightly points out that investing in others is the best way to build meaning into our lives. See potential—even when others don’t. Charlie Brown infamously selects the saddest tree in the lot as his beloved Christmas tree. True leaders see the hidden potential in other people and projects even when they aren’t immediately apparent on t

Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Office Holiday Party

The holidays are a busy—and often stressful—time. All the merriment can get a little exhausting. It’s tempting to look for places to trim our holiday commitments and the office holiday party might seem like an obvious choice. I’d like to suggest that to do so would be a mistake. One of the ways that an office functions is through healthy relationships between colleagues. Choosing to attend the office holiday party and frequent the monthly happy hour are ways that you invest in the relationships that help you and your organization succeed. It doesn’t mean that your work associates need to be your best friends. It does mean that you should value your relationships with them and treat them acco

What Are You Planning for 2020?

The new year—full of new opportunities—is upon us. After the holiday hustle, when winter break brings some much-needed downtime, set aside time for reflection on where your organization has been and where you’re headed. We invite you to make time to connect with us at Hyatt-Fennell to discuss the challenges and new vistas the future will bring. We’ll help you inventory your key roles (both current and future) to ensure you’re prepared for departures, consider new growth and leadership roles, and ensure you are ready to tackle the new year with 20-20 vision. Reach out today to schedule a time to connect.

Hyatt-Fennell Announces Appointment of Jake. B. Schrum

PITTSBURGH – December 12, 2019 - Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search has announced the January 1, 2020 appointment of Jake B. Schrum to expand and enhance the firm’s executive services. Schrum is a nationally recognized leader in higher education and an outspoken proponent of liberal arts education. Since 2013, Schrum served as the 21st president of Emory & Henry College, Southwest Virginia’s oldest higher education institution. During Schrum’s tenure at Emory & Henry, he was responsible for: increasing enrollment with the launch of the School of Health Sciences; the building of the McGlothlin Center for the Arts; opening the Ampersand Center; acquiring the Intermont Equestrian Center at E&H; an

How’s Your Follow-up Form? Advice On Post-interview Practices

Most job seekers invest heavily in their preparation for and conduct during an interview. But what about after that? The way you follow-up after an interview can enhance an interviewer’s impression of you or leave a bad taste in their mouth. Matt Krumrie explores the topic in his article: Does following up after an interview make a difference? Yes, it sure does. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to follow up...“Post interview follow up with a recruiter and/ or interview team is a wise decision,” says Tim Mayer, director of talent acquisition for KrausAnderson Construction Company. “Post interview follow-up, or lack thereof, will probably not land or cost you a job, but it could confirm

Will We See You at CIC?

We are greatly looking forward to The Council of Independent Colleges 2020 Presidents Institute. This year’s institute will meet at Marco Island, Florida from January 4–7th. We look forward to exploring this year’s theme, “healthy institutions, strong leaders.” It is always an invigorating time of connecting with familiar faces and getting acquainted with new ones. If you’ll be in attendance, drop us a line so we can make plans to connect!

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