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3 News Sources We’re Loving for Career Advice

Staying engaged with the professional world and the skills that help you excel is important. It doesn't need to feel like a chore: today’s sources are informative and enjoyable. Here’s a round up of three sources we’re loving for career advice: Ask a Manager. Alison Green offers keen insight into specific situations in an advice column format. It’s helpful to see her advice play out across a wide range of office environments. Awesome Etiquette. Proper business etiquette is key to advancement and good office relationships. This podcast from the Emily Post Institute helps us stay connected with good habits in a convenient format. The Muse. The Muse is a standard for thoughtful pieces on a wide

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hyatt-Fennell Team

Each year brings changes and challenges for everyone in different ways. One thing that remains constant is our gratitude to work with such dedicated clients, colleagues, and friends. Thanksgiving is a welcome time to reflect and express our appreciation. Our warmest wishes for a happy Thanksgiving filled with love and laughter.

Preventing Burnout in A Job Search

Facing a job change is profoundly stressful. Even if you choose to seek a new position, it involves upset of routine, loss of control, and uncertainty about the future. If you were laid off, those stresses are only compounded. Looking for a job entails many challenges, from the amount of work involved in finding, applying to, and interviewing for positions to ongoing rejection. Approaching a job search in a way that is measured and sustainable is key to your success. We have three suggestions to guide you. Set goals. One of the daunting aspects of a job search is how open ended it is. Make the task more manageable by setting concrete goals. This not only helps you advance, but helps you reco

Four Traits that Make an Attractive Internal Candidate.

Applying to a new organization brings a unique set of challenges, from learning the corporate culture to making a positive first impression. When applying for advancement in your current institution you will be served—or hampered—by the reputation you already have. We detail four attributes that will make you a winsome internal candidate. Care about the success of your organization. Leaders look beyond their personal benefit to care about the greater good of the institution. Is your work typified by myopia or tribalism? Or are you a team player that looks to the future? Respect the people you work with. The way you treat everyone at your company reflects your character. You never know if the

Consider Your Culture before Seeking Your Candidate

Hiring committees serve a key role at a critical juncture in an organization. They are part of charting the future path an institution will take. When there is a leadership transition, hiring committees seek to move efficiently to minimize any personnel gap. Yet, it is a mistake to try to look for a candidate without first considering what kind of candidate would be most successful at your organization. There are a certain number of job duties and requisite skills that are standard for leadership roles. However, using a stock job description for a president or Dean of Enrollment Services will not key in on the particular culture of your organization. Hiring Committees are not just seeking a

Search Spotlight: President, Caldwell University

The Board of Trustees of Caldwell University invites inquiries, nominations, and applications for the position of president. As an innovative and forward-thinking leader, the president is responsible for providing strategic and entrepreneurial leadership to ensure continuation of the exemplary success in all academic and operational areas. The University was founded in 1939 as an institution of higher learning for women and sponsored by the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Caldwell, New Jersey. Caldwell is a private, Catholic, co-educational university in the Dominican tradition that transforms students’ lives by preparing them through the liberal arts and professional studies to think critically

How Long Do You Think It Should Take to Find a Job?

A job search is not a quick burst of activity, but a sustained effort full of effort and attention. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Jim Pawlak explains, “job hunters shouldn’t get discouraged when it takes longer than they think it should. They need to reshape their mentality from that of a sprinter (i.e. quick burst of energy and the race is over) to that of a marathon runner.” Pawlek goes on to give strategic advice on how to run more efficiently to get the most out of the race—and get to the finish line. Read his entire article here.

How to Encourage Innovation at Your Organization

2020 and a new year will be upon us before you know it. A new year brings an opportunity for a fresh perspective and new initiatives. Organizations perish without innovation. Encouraging ideation and innovation is fundamental for the survival and success of each institution. But do your employees have the latitude, freedom, encouragement, and forum for sharing ideas? How can you set an organizational culture for open exchange and forward progress. We have three suggestions. Identify channels of communication. Make sure employees know who their supervisors are and feel comfortable sharing input and expressing concern to them. Openness must be an organizational culture reflected at all levels.

The Key to Acing Behavioral Interview Questions: Process and People

Many people telescope their achievements when relating them to a potential employer. Shorthand is inherent in a résumé. However, an interview is your opportunity to take your interviewers inside your work experience to show them how you’ve excelled in the past—and how that will translate to success with their company. Behavioral and situational interview questions are the gold standard with many companies. Most candidates carefully think through what experiences to highlight from their career. They do not always attend to how they tell these stories. Effectively done, your synopsis should include two things: process and people. Don’t just tell your interviewer what the problem was and what t

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