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What to Include—and Eliminate—in Your Résumé

If you included all your professional experiences on your résumé, you would need to get it hardcover bound. Hiring managers don’t want to read a novel. How do you decide which skills and outcomes to highlight and which to omit? It’s important to be strategic as you select your résumé-worthy experiences. Ask yourself these three questions to decide which inclusions make the cut: What were your most significant achievements? Key successes are often the easiest elements to identify. Your job descriptions would be incomplete without these highlights. Be attuned to creative innovations, outstanding outcomes, and benchmark accomplishments. What skills were key to your success? Reflect on what skil

What Do Jack-o-Lanterns and Leadership Have in Common?

Leadership doesn’t just involve vision. It also necessitates diligence and precision. Matthew Jones, columnist for Inc. points out that leadership is a lot like carving a pumpkin. As anyone who’s ever carved a pumpkin knows, it’s not as easy as it looks. Artistic visions aren’t enough, it takes planning, skill, and attention to detail. Happy Halloween from our entire team at Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search. Here’s to carving some great pumpkins this year.

One University’s Bold Plan to Move from Mediocrity to Innovation

Higher Education is facing unprecedented challenges. The pressure is most keenly felt by small colleges and universities. Dr. Amy Novak shares her experience at one such institution: A little more than a decade ago, as the university I serve prepared for a visit from its regional accrediting agency, a senior faculty member characterized the institution in the following terms: “We are a mediocre university, with a mediocre faculty and mediocre facilities, serving a mediocre community.” At the conclusion of the accreditation site visit, the Higher Learning Commission described the faculty relationship with the then president as “highly tenuous” and the University as being “without focus.” The

Search Spotlight: Director of the Inez Grindle School of Nursing

The Ivester College of Health Sciences and Mary Inez Grindle School of Nursing at Brenau University have announced the search for an energetic leader to serve as Director of the School of Nursing. Brenau University is a private, liberal arts institution enrolling 1,754 undergraduate and 1,088 graduate students within its four colleges: College of Business & Communication, College of Education, College of Fine Arts & Humanities, and the Ivester College of Health Sciences. Brenau Women’s College remains the cornerstone of the university, with a unique single-gender undergraduate experience. If this position is something you would like to explore—or know someone who would—click here to discover

Leadership and Presence: Why There’s No Substitute for Showing Up

The school year is well underway. The boxes are unpacked from move-in day, orientations have been successfully completed, and welcome events have come and gone. Through these events you were able to connect with new students and re-engage with returning students and staff across campus. How do you keep your visibility up on campus as a connected leader? Or will students not see you again until graduation? To be a successful leader, it is vital that you are visible and available to students and faculty. Leadership is not just a role, it’s a relationship. So how can you stay in touch with the campus at all levels, not just the executive wing? We have one piece of advice that everyone in leader

Four Traits of an Effective Team Leader

Hyatt-Fennell is privileged to learn from outstanding leaders in colleges across the country. Our own Dr. Marylouise Fennell never misses reading Dr. Rob Sheehan’s reflections in Insights with Impact. In his most recent article, he highlights leadership traits that he witnessed while working with non-profit leaders at NeighborWorks America Training Institute. A strong leader, Sheehan notes, is “ethical and inclusive.” He elucidates, “this is the bedrock for success for the Ultimate Team Leader. They ‘do the right thing the right way.’ They respect and include everyone. Leaders who are respected by others set the tone for the team and are more effective in their work. They work through eth

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