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Back-to-School Ideas: Three Ways to Make the Most of Welcome Week

After quiet summer months, college campuses come back to life in August. It can be easy to get caught up in the program components of a new year and miss the human element. The beginning of a school year marks the introduction of a new set of students (and faculty!) into your campus and the return of many others. Welcome week can set the tone for their entire college careers. We have three guidelines to start the year off in a way that makes people feel energized and engaged with your campus community: Ask for input. Ask student leaders for their ideas and involvement for welcome week. Students often have a fresh perspective—and a desire to help—that can transform your back-to-school activit

Working Together Successfully: How to Move Campus Relationships from Petty Tribalism to Productive C

In principal, a college campus is one unified whole working together for a common mission. In practice, the various groups of a college are disconnected at best, fractured—or even hostile—at worst. Faculty and staff think the board has no clue what is going on. The board doesn’t acknowledge the insight faculty and staff have into the day-to-day operations on campus. The president thinks he can run the school without input from anyone else—and proceeds to try. Donors feel the administration has lost touch with the values of the institution and question their giving. How can colleges move from sectarian politics to harmonious collaboration? Schools that want to move from petty squabbles to pro

If You Care About Your Institution’s Success, You’ll Prioritize Diversity

Hiring diverse employees is more than just a social fad. It has real implications for the success of your organization. Peter Cohan explains, “Diversity and inclusion is an inherently great idea for a company. We live in a diverse world and our companies should encourage participation from all groups. Intuitively, I see a big benefit from diversity and inclusion—it yields new thinking that can help a company stay ahead of its rivals and keep it from becoming stuck in its ways. There's plenty of statistical research arguing for diversity. As an example, according to Barron's, the upshot is that gender diversity at the top echelons of a company boosts its profitability. I also learned that one

Leadership Needs by Institution: One Size Does Not Fit All

When it comes to academic leadership, some traits are universal. All presidents must have management acumen, communication skills, vision, and mission; however, a president who is ground-breakingly successful at one institution could be an abject failure at another. Four questions should guide colleges as they consider a new leader. Where Are You Headed? Institutions first need to consider their futures. Where are they now and where do they want to be? The rule of thumb used to be to think of the next 5–10 years. I now advise schools to look at the next 1–5 years. Through considering the pressing challenges, the opportunities for innovation, and long-term trajectory, schools can better under

One Thing You Must Remember if Relocating for Work

Relocating for work requires planning, forethought, and dedication. Jacquelyn Smith from Forbes has an essential checklist to guide you through the logistics of a relocation. One of her tips: “Take time to get to know your new environment before you move. If you have the luxury of taking some time to explore your new area before arriving, do so...If you’re not able to visit the new city before you move, take the time to talk to people that live there or used to live there.” Read her entire list here to map out the fundamentals of a relocation. Once you’ve reserved your moving truck, packed your boxes, and signed your lease, what’s left to do? Many people overlook the mental and emotional w

How Lists Can Take Your Job Search from Chaos to Efficiency

When looking for a job, you become a de facto project manager, monitoring the status of myriad applications. How can you keep track of all the details and keep the process moving? Strategic lists can help you focus your energy on the substance of your applications and interviews rather than getting mired down in distracting details. The job-search process has four main stages: research, applications, interviews, and offers. Interviews and offers are bracketed by some necessary follow-ups. By keeping lists that correspond with these phases, you can stay organized and productive. Positions to pursue. Positions of interest come your way through many avenues. Whether you see a position on Linked

Search Spotlight: Physician Assistant Founding Program Director

Are you considering a new opportunity? Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search is assisting Carlow University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a number of director positions for new programs at the university. These are unique opportunities to craft programs from their nascent stages. Positions include: Communication Sciences and Disorders Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Physician Assistant For more information and to apply, visit our website.

Taking the Helm: Anne Skleder Reflects on Her First 30 Days as President of Brenau University

Brenau University recently named Dr. Anne Skleder their tenth president. She is the first female president in the university’s 140-year history. Dr. Skleder reflects on her first few months as president and the journey that brought her here. The role is a natural extension of her successful academic career, but not one she originally sought. Skleder reflects, “I have been fortunate that my career has prepared me for this role, although until a few years ago I had never imagined I might be a university president.” A social and organizational psychologist by training, Skleder was initially introduced to academia as a faculty member and later department chair. Throughout her career, she has gro

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