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Good Authority vs. Bad Authority: Can You Spot the Difference?

As a leader, you are constantly sending messages to your employees. Through your words, you can build them up and propel them to achieve great things; alternately, you can tear them down and sabotage their success. Gervase Bushe draws out the differences between good and bad authority. Bad authority is preoccupied with its own importance. Good authority is concerned with the good of others. Bushe delineated: Good Authority Seeks adoration and being the center of attention Serves the people Has a vision of the great society, organization, etc. Takes responsibility Steps aside when it is appropriate to do so Bad Authority Adores others and makes them the center of attention Self-serving Has a

What’s The Best Time to Follow Up on a Résumé?

A job search involves navigating a thousand tiny decisions. Making the wrong choice—even in something small—could cost you. Executive assistants are well versed in the job-search process, including what it takes to make it on to a job offer. Jim Pawlak offers excellent advice from an executive assistant’s perspective. One of the best tips: “Place your follow-up call 7–10 business days after you have sent your résumé. The worst days to call are Monday and Friday. The best times to call are mid-morning or an hour after lunch. Never call first thing in the morning or after 3 p.m.” Read the entire list here.

What’s in Your Tool Box: Demonstrating Your Value in Your Résumé

Your résumé should not just be a list of jobs and companies, but a performance report for your career. When hiring managers read your résumé, they don’t want to see who you think you are, but who you’ve proved yourself to be. Make sure you clearly illustrate the asset you’d be to their company by including these four things: Active phrasing. Throughout your résumé, use active language and dynamic descriptions to further emphasize that you are a productive and engaged employee. Show, don’t tell, what you’ve done in each role. Consistent performance. Reliability is gold for an employer. Do your projects always come in on time and under budget? Let them know. Choose one or two key indicators to

Three Ways to Boost Your Career This Summer

Summer often brings an upset to regular routines. That change of schedule can be just the thing to shake you of a malaise and into some new, effective habits. Cultivate your network. Networking is an integral part of any successful career. It can easily be pushed to the margins—or neglected altogether—by pressing daily demands. One of the best ways to prioritize networking is to make it a regular part of your schedule. Attend a monthly breakfast for people in your industry. Take a colleague out to lunch once a week. Figure out what works for you and schedule it in. Evaluate your email practices. Email is a perpetual avalanche. Are you reactionary, constantly checking and firing off responses

Search Spotlight: Director Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program

Trine University, an internationally recognized, private, co-educational, residential institution, is seeking applications for the Director position of the Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program. The Program Director is responsible for all aspects of program administration and planning. The Director will have the vision to lead this young, provisionally accredited program, and support the University's greater mission of preparing students to succeed, lead, and serve. The program is in Fort Wayne, Indiana, less than an hour's drive from the University's main campus in Angola, Indiana. For more information about this or other open positions, visit our website. More positions: Foundin

Three Summer Reads That Will Make You a Better Professional

From reading programs at the local library to vacationers tucking books into their beach bags, summer reading lists abound. We have a few suggestions for books that aren’t just enjoyable reads, but will give you a leg-up in your career. Turn the Ship Around. Many of us face stressful work environments, but probably not as high-pressure as a nuclear-powered submarine. Navy Captain L. David Marquet shares the lessons he learned at sea and his methods for empowering everyone with leadership. The Cost of Bad Behavior: How Incivility is Damaging Your Business and What to Do about It. Would you believe that the social skills—or lack thereof—of your employees is costing your business money? Christi

Strengthening Your Five-Year Plan: Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Whether it’s a road trip or some relaxing time at the shore, summer brings with it some down-time that invites reflection. Through stepping back from your life, you can consider your path and progress. Spend some time thinking about your five-year plan with these three questions: What do I want? Before you can strategize about particulars, you need to see the broad perspective. What do you want in your career? How does that translate into the near future and long term? How can I grow? Identify specific ways you can step towards your goals. What training might you pursue? What conferences would benefit you? What practices do you need to develop? Who can help me get there? Your career is not y

Three Things Your Interviewers are Wondering about You

Interviewing is a high stress situation. You may feel that you have plenty to do to maintain your composure as a good candidate. You can benefit, however, from stepping beyond your role as an interviewee and consider the perspective of your interviewer. By considering their point of view—including their possible hesitations—you will present yourself as a stronger candidate. Here are three questions they have about you that you should anticipate: What do you bring to this role? Your interviewer is speaking with multiple candidates for this position. What sets you apart? You should always highlight your competitive advantage. How do your experience and skills make you uniquely qualified for th

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