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Looking to Advance Your Career? Skip the Bunny Slopes and Head for Black Diamond

If you want to be successful, you can’t look for the easy out. In order to accomplish meaningful things, you are going to have to break a sweat. Cindy Baier, CEO of Brookdale Senior Living, recently shared her advice for professional success. Baier is the head of Brookdale, a company with 844 retirement communities in 45 states, serving around 80,000 residents. One of her central pieces of advice is “take the hardest job you can.” You will be amazed what you can accomplish when you stretch yourself. She went on to talk about the importance of prioritizing and networking. Read her entire list here.

What Do Your Employees Need to Thrive?

Employee-retention is a significant problem for many employers. How can you not only keep from losing employees, but help them make significant wins for your organization? That is employee-thriving. Dr. Rob Sheehan, Academic Director of Executive MBA Programs at the University of Maryland, expounds: Thriving employees are more than just satisfied and productive. They go above and beyond the call of duty, attract others who are just as committed as they are, help create the future of the organization, and are in it for the long haul...Some people thrive no matter what. But most people need an environment that will support their engagement and development. Research reported in Harvard Busine

How Responding to Rejection Can Strengthen Your Job Search

Over one hundred people apply for the average job. Since only one of those applicants will get that job, you can see why rejection is an inherent part of the job-search process. Searching for a job can be a demoralizing process. You will get a lot of no's before you finally get a yes; however, if you approach rejection strategically, it can make you a stronger candidate. We have four ways to make rejection work for you. Expect rejection. We’re not encouraging you to be fatalistic or self-sabotage. It is, however, important to understand that looking for a job is a long process that will involve some closed doors along the way. Keeping a broad perspective is essential to maintaining morale. U

How to Cultivate Your Personal Brand

A brand is the essential identity of something. It encapsulates the mission and values of a product, company, or person. With the rise of social media, brands are no longer just the domain of household products or Fortune 500 companies, but individuals. As a professional, you have a brand whether you know it or not. Successful professionals cultivate a personal brand that differentiates them as a leaders, employees, or job candidates. How can you strengthen your own personal brand? We have a few tips, but first, let’s start with an example. Good branding focuses not just on what something is, but what it does. Not just the what, but the why and the how. American automobile company Jeep has s

Lessons for Life—and Work—from TV Dads

For many of us, our parents are our first introduction to the working world and the skills we’ll need to succeed. This is true in our own lives and on the small screen. In honor of Fathers’ Day, we have a roundup of some of the best television-dads and the lessons they taught us. Listen. The door of the courthouse in Mayberry was always swinging open. Whether it was Opie, Aunt Bee, or Otis, Sheriff Andy Taylor would always listen carefully and compassionately. Sheriff Taylor taught us that we can always learn things from others. Sheriff Taylor’s respect is something we could all emulate at work. Cooperate. Full House? The title of the show wasn’t kidding. Danny Tanner had three daughters, hi

What’s in your Tool Box? Five Essential Sources for Interview Research

There is plenty to do before an interview. Being intentional and systematic ensures that you will be adequately prepared. Interview research can be perfunctory or, worse yet, you can assume you already know what you need to about the company. We have five sources you must check before every job interview. Go to the source. The first place you look should always be an organization’s website. Get a clear understanding of their scope of work, location(s), vision, values, culture, and how they talk about themselves. Browse their social channels. Peruse the social media of their president or other key leadership. Review the job posting. You should have a clear understanding of what the position e

If You Want the Job, Don’t Say This

When preparing for an interview, you spend a lot of time thinking about what you will say—as you should. There’s an equally important list of things you should never utter during an interview. Here are three statements that are likely to break (not make) the interview. “My last manager was the worst.” It may be true that your previous supervisor was incompetent or insufferable, but bad-mouthing former employers to potential future employers will never win you points. Situations can prove excellent examples of showing how you respond in adverse circumstances—if done diplomatically and framed positively. For example, “My manager and I had different communication styles. At first that caused so

Is a New Position In Your Future This Summer?

With the academic school-year wrapped up, you may be considering your career and the possibility of a new position. We have some exciting opportunities for you to consider. Dean of Nursing Lourdes University, Sylvania, OH Program Director of Communication Sciences and Disorders Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA Vice President for Enrollment Management (Deadline: June 24, 2019) Cabrini University, Radnor, PA Program Director of Occupational Therapy Master's Program Maria College, Albany, NY For a full list of open searches and to apply, visit our website.

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