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Are You Listening? Don’t Neglect These Essential Communication Skills

Communication skills are foundational skills for success in the workplace—and some of the most neglected abilities. No matter your role, your communication skills will be called upon. As an executive-search firm, we see the importance of listening first-hand. From hearing our clients’ needs to reading between the lines with a candidate in an interview, careful listening is the difference between missing the mark and exceeding expectations. David D. Perlmutter, Dean of the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University, shares four strategies to improve your listening skills. He points out that truly hearing someone leads to action. He writes, A colleague once summed up a dean he k

Who Do You Need on Your Team for a Successful 2019–2020 Academic Year?

As the academic year draws to a close, the staff of Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search would like to wish you a wonderful summer and thank you for your partnership this year. Summer vacations historically slow the campus pace for a well-deserved break. The next several months are a time for thoughtful reflection and critical preparation for the upcoming year. If you find that your plans for the 2019–2020 academic year include anticipating retirements, recruitment of new, specialized talent, or preparing for succession within the key positions of your management team, we are here to help you year-round, and summer can be a good time to begin. We would love to schedule a time this summer to discus

Seven Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared for

If you are interviewing for a position, you can guarantee that you’re interviewer will start by saying, “tell me about yourself.” Can you guarantee that you’ll give the right response? It can be hard to approach these worn questions with fresh enthusiasm and strategic answers. Rachel Dotson from ZipRecruiter has an excellent rundown of frequently asked interview questions and how you should reply. Dotson points out that when asked to tell your interviewer about yourself, they are not asking for your life story. They are inviting you to connect the dots between your experience and this job. She advises to select key work and education information that shows the hiring manager why you are a pe

Why You Need to Match Your Hires with Your Goals

If you are faced with an opening in your team, odds are that you’re wondering “how will we meet our deadline next week?” You’re probably not considering the opportunity it is for your strategic goals, but you should be. Every time you hire someone new, you are shaping your team for years to come. All those small decisions influence the trajectory of your organization. If you’re an executive in higher education, you likely have a laundry-list of positions you’d love to create. How can you operate within your budget constraints to affect your long-term goals? An executive-search firm can help you connect your pressing hiring needs with your long-term institutional success. At Hyatt-Fennell, w

What’s in Your Tool Kit? Winning Strategies for Passive Job Seekers

Often a job-search is an immediate imperative: you need work to fill your days—not to mention your bank account. Other times you have a job, but are ready for a change. Undertaking a job-search while currently employed is a position of strength! You are able to be more thoughtful and more selective; however, it can be hard to be diligent and productive when the demands of a job occupy your time. We have four strategies to effectively approach a passive job-search: Schedule it in. Whether you are hoping to change jobs in the coming months or the coming years, it’s important to maintain a healthy network. Pressing demands can easily crowd out best practices, so put networking on your task-list

What Do Your Social Media Pages Say to Job Seekers?

We’ve often talked about how critical it is for job-seekers and top executives to carefully manage their social media and digital profile. Just as potential employers will check applicants’ social-media profiles, applicants will peruse the social-media profiles of organizations they are applying to. If a job-seeker visited your school’s social-media pages, what would they find? Make no mistake—job-seekers are browsing your social-media pages. Will what they see there entice them to work for you or drive them away? Here are four things they should see on your social pages: Recent content. How often do you post on social media? A healthy social-media presence should have regular, original cont

Selling Your Soft Skills: Three Ways to Wow Employers

When it comes to finding the right candidate for a position, it’s no longer exclusively about experience and results. Employers are increasingly looking for evidence of ability to empathize, motivate, and influence. Many job-seekers neglect this key area in their interview preparation. We have three places employers should see your soft skills. Before you arrive. Demonstrating your soft skills starts well before your interview. Does your conversation scheduling the appointment show you are engaging on the phone? How is your email etiquette? You are giving them signals about what kind of professional you are from your first contact. In your interview. Do your responses to questions only deal

Is a New Position in Your Future?

Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search is assisting in searches for a number of positions around the country. If you are considering a new placement—or know someone who is—click on the links below to learn more about the positions and apply. Director of Human Resources (Deadline: May 31, 2019) Marywood University, Scranton, PA Director - Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program Trine University, Angola, IN Faculty - Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program Trine University, Angola, IN Dean of the College of Nursing Resurrection University, Chicago, IL Director for the Occupational Therapy Program Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore,MD

Is Your Team Communicating Effectively?

Communication patterns are the most telling indicator of team performance. Is your team engaging in practices that ensure success or that doom you to inefficiency and frustration? Dr. Rob Sheehan, Academic Director of Executive MBA Programs at the University of Maryland, recently summarized findings by researchers at MIT. He highlights one key insight: Energy is important for a team. The most valuable, high energy form of communication is face to face. Next valuable is phone or video—but the effectiveness decreases as the size of the team increases. Email and texting are least valuable. Read more of the findings in Dr. Sheehan’s article here. How does your team balance communication needs

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