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Meet Our Team: Robert Head

Dr. Robert L. Head has more than 40 years of experience in executive and organizational leadership, including more than 20 years spent in higher education administration. He is the President Emeritus of Rockford University. Previously, Dr. Head served as the president of Urbana University before serving as president of Rockford University. Dr. Head began his career in finance before transitioning to higher education. During his early years in higher ed administration at Benedictine University, Dr. Head first worked with Cheryl Hyatt and the TCR Group to assist the organization’s fundraising efforts. Impressed with Hyatt’s team at TCR, Dr. Head retained them to help with fundraising efforts a

If You’re Looking For a Job on Your Own, You’re Doing it Wrong

Finding a new job is a team sport. You will not secure an excellent position on your own. When faced with a job change, it can be easy to start with tasks and forget about people. It’s understandable: there’s a lot to do! While updating your résumé and crafting cover letters are essential, your job search should begin and end with people. We have four tips to help you find, leverage, and appreciate your cheerleaders. Spread the word. Let your network know you are looking for a new position. Others can’t help you if they don’t know what you need. Seeing who reaches out to support is your first indication of who your team will be—there will likely be some surprises! It’s a mistake to think tha

Who Do You Need to Hire for the 2019–2020 Academic Year?

As the academic year begins to wind down, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the successes of the year behind and plan for the successes of the year ahead. Success begins with your team. To have the right outcomes, you need the right people. What are they key roles you need to fill in the coming year? Before summer vacation scatters your leadership team, schedule a time to talk with us at Hyatt-Fennell. We can discuss the opportunities ahead and lend our expertise to your hiring needs. We will work with you to ensure you have the right people in place to meet the needs and expectations of your students next year.

Happy Easter and Blessed Passover from The Hyatt-Fennell Team

On this holiday weekend, we extend our warmest wishes for time filled with family, laughter, and rest. In this season of growth and rebirth, we are excited about the many new initiatives blossoming at colleges and universities across the country. We look forward to partnering with you in the future!

3 questions to ask yourself to spring clean your career

Almost half of Americans are unhappy at work, according to the Conference Board’s latest Job Satisfaction Survey. If you’re among them, perhaps it’s time to act. Whether you’ve been at the same job for years or you’re fairly new and are unsure of your direction, consider doing some spring cleaning with your career. Take some time for reflection and identify tasks or roles that should be swept away, says Cheryl Hyatt, partner at Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search. Read More Here.

Three Traits Every University President Must Have

If you aspire to be a college president in the future, there are things you should be putting in place now. While each college or university has its own required qualifications, there are a number of traits that transcend institutions. Here are four traits every college president must have: Practice people skills. Here’s the hard truth: soft skills matter. Leaders—including academic leaders—lead people. Social and communication skills are central to becoming a strong leader and a viable candidate for college president. Character counts. Nothing will derail your career trajectory like a scandal. However, integrity means more than avoiding a shocking headline. The way you treat others is one o

What’s in Your Toolbox: Four Things to Do If You’re Chairing a Screening Committee

A screening committee is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of an organization. It is also a significant amount of work. If you’ve been asked to chair a screening committee, how can you keep the process—and people—moving to a successful selection? We have four guidelines to keep in mind: Understand your scope. Review any information given to you by the college or previous screening committees. Many schools have established protocol in place. In order to be successful, you must first understand your charge. Set your blueprint. Work in collaboration with Hyatt-Fennell to establish the benchmarks for the process and set dates for each—from advertising the position to making offers. Mak

How to be a Good Career Mentor in The Workplace

One of the privileges of longevity in the field is having wisdom to share with others. Being a mentor can be an incredibly meaningful experience for both the mentee and mentor. We have a handful of tips for encouraging the next generation of leaders in your organization and beyond. Reflect on your career. Think back over how you’ve developed—and who helped you get there. What things do you wish you’d known sooner in your career? What practices have been most helpful? Make yourself available. Mentoring can be a formalized relationship, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the most valuable things you can do to a young professional is to make yourself available to them. Be willing to answer quest

Complacency in Enrollment Management – There’s Danger in Resting on your Proverbial Laurels

Enrollment management is an ongoing imperative for any institution. In order to avoid student-body atrophy and achieve growth, it is vital that you maintain diligent focus on enrollment at your school. Hyatt-Fennell’s own Dr. Marylouise Fennell and Dr. Scott D. Miller, President of Virginia Wesleyan University, point out the predicament that too often befalls colleges after a successful recruitment year: There’s something missing, however: what you’re supposed to be doing next. To keep enrollment momentum going, it’s imperative that admissions staff never take their eyes off recruitment goals for even a second. Complacency among enrollment staff, coupled with lax accountability and expectati

Meet Maria de la Cámara of Hyatt-Fennell

Maria de la Cámara, Ph.D., is a Senior Consultant at Hyatt-Fennell, specializing in searches for executive positions at private colleges and universities. Opportunity and adaptability have been recurring themes throughout Dr. de la Cámara’s career in higher education, with a special focus on expanding and creating new academic programs that fulfilled the needs of her growing and changing student populations. As such, she believes one key factor in a successful executive search is to think outside the box. This includes contacting possible candidates who may not be actively searching to see if a new opportunity may be a good fit for their long-term professional goals. Holding degrees in Engli

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