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What’s In Your Toolbox? Effectively Evaluating Ideas.

Innovation and growth are fundamental to any successful institution. Organizations stagnate without new ideas and revised practices. If you are in leadership, people will approach you with their big ideas. How do you seperate the gems from the squeaky wheels—and respond to both? We have four principles to guide you. Value communication. You should be accessible to people with ideas and value each of the people working with you. One of the ways you do that is by listening. It is important that you hear—and address—not only the idea, but the emotion behind it. Are they sharing this suggestion with you because they are frustrated about a problem or excited about an opportunity? Reinforce respon

Three Tips to Make The Most of Professional Conferences

Work conferences can be blurs of activity that are quickly over. How do you make the most of the opportunities they offer? If 2019 holds professional travel for you, we have three tips to maximize your time: Plan ahead. Reach out to others that will be in attendance and make plans to connect. Conferences are excellent opportunities to connect one-on-one and in groups, but in order to make the most of your time at a conference, you should do some advance planning. In your preparations, don’t forget to pack plenty of business cards and brush up on your elevator pitch. Engage. It can be hard to take time away from the office and you may be tempted to check your email every break between session

A Successful Reference: How to Recruit the Right References for a Job Search

References are an integral part of your application packet. Your résumé lists your qualifications—your references bring them to life. How do you effectively select and prepare references for each application? We have four guidelines: Consider the position. Just as you should customize your cover letter for each individual position, you should enlist references that enhance the qualifications that make you best-suited to the position. Always ask. Don’t assume that because someone has been a reference in the past that he or she is willing to do so again. Gain permission—and express your gratitude—each time. Give background. Explain the position you are applying for and why you selected him or

Do You Remember What You Posted on Social Media Two Years Ago? It Could Cost You a Job

Why are you on social media? You may use Facebook to see photos of your niece or peruse Twitter to hear the latest news, but hiring managers use social media to vet applicants. Social media has cost many individuals current jobs—or potential positions. We have four guidelines to make sure you aren’t one of them: Nothing is private. Anything you say on the internet is indelible. Don’t say anything on Facebook or Twitter that you won’t say at a work function. This should dictate not only the content of your posts, but the subjects you delve into. Retweets matter. You should be aware of not only your own social media posts, but those you patronize. Whom do you follow? If you retweet a post that

How Do You Know if a Position is Right For You?

When interviewing for a position, how do you see past the initial impressions and discern if you will be happy in a position three years from now? In his article in Inside Higher Ed, RahK Lash shares his experience and offers six factors to consider when evaluating whether a position is a good fit. He offers this keen insight on growth: Make sure the institution is invested in you as a shouldn’t have to leave the institution in order to move up and grow, despite the stigma that tells us otherwise. While researching and engaging with the campus during the interview process, can you see opportunities for growth in addition to upward mobility? Are there any models of internal

Hyatt-Fennell on the Move

We’re attending a number of conferences this year and would love to connect with you at any—or all—of them. We value the chance to catch up and hear about your future plans. February 1–4, Cheryl Hyatt and Marylouise Fennell will be attending the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities’ (ACCU) annual meeting in Washington, D.C. On February 1 Cheryl and Matt Kilcoyne (R H Perry) will be featured speakers at the Aspiring Presidents program. February 3–6, Cheryl Hyatt will be in Washington, D.C., at the National Assn. of Independent Colleges and Universities’ (NAICU) annual meeting. March 9–12, Maria de la Camara, Cheryl Hyatt, and Marylouise Fennell will be in Philadelphia at the Ame

Coming Soon: Executive Edge 2018 Year In Review

2018 has been a banner year for Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search. We are grateful for your partnership and are preparing a special issue of Executive Edge to share with you all that 2018 has brought us and to look to what's to come in the new year. Watch your inboxes mid-January! Not on our mailing list? Contact us and we’ll be happy to add you!

Search Spotlight: Dean School of Business, Arts and Media

Cabrini University is accepting applications for a Dean of the school of Business, Arts, and Media. Cabrini University is a residential Catholic institution in Pennsylvania that welcomes learners of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds. They offer undergraduate and graduate degrees to help students discover who they are and what they can accomplish in their lives, in their careers, and in society. Their students are empowered to make a better life for themselves and for others from the moment they step on campus. The campus is located a short train ride from Philadelphia. Dean School of Business, Arts and Media Cabrini University, Radnor PA To find out more and apply, visit our website.

Spouses Can Support or Sink Careers

College leadership is a visible role, not only for the leader himself, but also for his or her spouse. The increased scrutiny has led to trouble for a number of couples. Marjorie Valbrun discusses recent cases of misconduct and what we can learn from them in her article from Inside Higher Ed. She writes: Modern presidential spouses or partners are also individuals, however, and don’t necessarily want to be seen as mere appendages of the presidents to whom they happen to be married. The spouses and partners often have their own careers and interests that don’t revolve around the job of the president. Being mindful of how their actions or statements may be viewed on and off campus is one thing

We’d Love to See you at CIC Presidents Institute

If you’ll be at The 2019 Presidents Institute, presented by The Council of Independent Colleges, be sure to connect with Cheryl Hyatt and Dr. Marylouise Fennell. Both will be attending the event in Scottsdale, Arizona, January 4–7th, for an agenda that focuses on leading strategic change. Hyatt-Fennell has been a proud supporter of The Presidents Institute for more than 20 years. Contact us if you’d like to set time to connect in Scottsdale next week to discuss a search on the horizon for your college in 2019.

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