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This Halloween Ask Yourself: What Is My Greatest Career Fear?

Halloween is a season of fun and frights. We enjoy these spooks because most of us don’t stay up at night worrying about a witch in a pointy hat flying by on a broom; however, there are worries that interfere with our lives and careers. What fears lie under the surface that are holding you back in your professional life? Glassdoor has an excellent discussion of fears that could be getting in your way. Ask yourself, “how would I act if I were fearless in my professional life?”

Search Spotlight: Provost

St. Thomas University, a Catholic University located in Miami Gardens, Florida, is accepting nominations and applications for the position of Provost. Reporting to the President as the Chief Academic Officer, the Provost is responsible for the overall coordination and leadership of all academic matters of the University. The new Provost will be expected to take office during the Spring semester of 2019. The deadline to apply for this position is November 16th, 2018. In addition to this position, Hyatt-Fennell Executive search is also assisting with searches for: Executive Director and Endowed Chair of the James Pedas Communication Center (Deadline: December 3, 2018) Thiel College, Greenvil

Would Your Job Performance Improve if You Were More Compassionate toward Yourself?

Rob Sheehan, Academic Director of Executive MBA Programs at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and a friend of Hyatt-Fennell, recently shared some insights on the importance—and effectiveness—of self-compassion. He writes, “sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. We set high performance standards for ourselves—which is great, but then beat ourselves up when we do not meet them—not so great.” Read his suggestions for a more productive approach here.

Have You Been at Your Job Too Long? Watch for These Warning Signs

Longevity can yield positive benefits for your career. Through tenure at an organization you gain institutional knowledge, develop relationships, and expand experience. Longevity can also have downsides. Here are some negatives to watch for: You don’t look forward to work. We all have off days—or even weeks—but overall your work-days should not be spent watching the clock and counting the minutes until you leave. Every job has mundane facets, but it should also have interesting aspects that keep you engaged. You see new coworkers as interruptions, not departmental opportunities. New employees bring fresh energy and new insight. Though onboarding takes work, it’s a productive disruption. If y

Do You Have Faith in This Job? What to Consider When Interviewing at a Faith-Based Institution

Religious organizations have a robust track-record of helping their communities. Currently 70% of food pantries are run by faith-based entities. Many faith-based nonprofits have established networks of support that make them uniquely qualified to reach their target group. Working with an organization pursuing such a noble cause can yield profound meaning. If you are thinking about a job with a faith-based organization, there is an additional element to the technical qualifications and industry experience required at other jobs: care. Being passionate about an organization's mission is key for a good fit in the nonprofit world. Here are four guidelines as you think through the suitability of

Higher Education Admissions Departments Face Increasing Challenges. Are You Ready?

The higher-education landscape in America has been shifting in the last decade and the changes show no signs of slowing. Inside Higher Ed, in collaboration with Gallup, have released their 2018 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors. They delve into the pressure to meet application deadlines, as well as other interesting issues. They note: Many college-admissions leaders believe that the recent decision by the University of Chicago to end its SAT/ACT requirement will prompt other colleges to follow suit. And a majority believe that the emphasis on testing in admissions discussions discourages students from considering colleges where they could be admitted and thrive. You can r

Trusty Guidelines for Interviewing with a Board of Trustees

When interviewing with an organization you will interface with a number of stakeholders. Much preparation is focused on meetings with search committees or hiring managers and the other meetings can get overlooked. Every group you meet is important. What things should you keep in mind when interviewing with a board of trustees? Each trustee approaches the organization from a unique vantage point. A strong board is composed of a diversity of perspectives. The same things that make a robust board of trustees can also make them challenging for a candidate. Here are three principles to guide your interview with a board: Understand where they are coming from. Each trustee will be considering a dif

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Over the summer one young man became a businessman. Jaequan Faulkner found a hot-dog grill in his uncle’s house and decided to set up shop, calling his stand Mr. Faulkner’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs. Then, he ran into a problem: someone called the health department on him. The inspectors at the health department saw this young man’s initiative and drive as something to be encouraged. Instead of shutting Jaequan down, they helped him get his permit—paying for the permit themselves—and connected him with a local business group. Jaequan told the Star Tribune, “I like having my own business. I like letting people know just because I’m young doesn’t mean I can’t.” How often in business does the old

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